All the Fullerton Elders and Leading Brothers Step Down, Jan. 19, 2003


I Timothy 3:1-16, I Peter 4:17, Hebrew 13:17-21

Dear family of God in Fullerton:

Words cannot express the grief that we, as elders and leading brothers, have experienced over the last several weeks. We are painfully aware that all of you saints have suffered with us through what can only be considered as the greatest trial we have endured as a fellowship. We want you to know how much we appreciate your patience, prayers, input and support during this time. We know, as you do, that we are not completely through this, but on every hand there are signs of repentance, revival and the beginning of healing.

To further what the Lord in His mercy has begun in our midst, we feel that the Lord is leading us all to step down from our formal responsibilities as elders and leading brothers. While this may seem like a drastic response to our present situation, we believe that only by a complete clearing of the cloud that is over this assembly can we move forward into what God intends for us. To ensure God's blessing there needs to be a complete break with the past and the opportunity for a new beginning. We believe that by stepping down we are giving God the opportunity to work in this way.

Having said this, we have no intention of leaving this flock of God to wander aimlessly in the wilderness or to abandon what God has raised up here. Rather, we want to seek the Lord with you, as brothers among brethren, for His direction for the future. By humbling ourselves together with you we believe that God will give us clear direction on issues of leadership, how our gathering is to be structured and what God would have for us in light of weekly engagements together.

We are therefore suggesting a series of evening meetings for times of prayer and discussion. We will also continue a time of worship and ministry on Sunday mornings. It is our intention to continue these meetings until we are of one mind together about how to proceed.

We admit before you that taking this step has its potential pitfalls. However, we believe that God in His goodness has led us this far and that by seeking Him earnestly, He can continue to lead us. We are believing Him for a new beginning in the power of the Holy Spirit to evidence that wonderful new life that He has brought us into in Christ. We trust in so doing, the light of this lampstand will burn brightly to his glory.

With expectation and faith in God,

The elders and leading brothers in Fullerton.

Isaiah 43:18-19,21

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