Fullerton Assembly Announcement of the Excommunication of George Geftakys


Matthew 18:15-20, Luke 17:2, I Corinthians 5:9-11

Dearest family of God in Fullerton:

It is with the greatest sorrow that we must bring the following issues to your attention. As you may remember, in the past few weeks we have been constrained to place our brother George Geftakys under discipline for a lack of repentance regarding events that took place in the assembly of San Luis Obispo. Part of that discipline stipulated that our brother would write a letter of repentance and humility to be read to the assembly. Although he agreed to that stipulation at the time, in conversations with elders this last week, he has stated that he does not intend to write such a letter. This indicates to us that he continues to be unrepentant with regard to what has been clearly shown to be sin in his life.

In conjunction with this, in the last few days, information has come to our attention of additional heinous sin in our brother's life. In the mouth of two or three witnesses, we have discovered that our brother is guilty of initiating, encouraging and engaging in immoral and unseemly relationships with several sisters for over the past 20 years. Our brother has repeatedly lied to and deceived us, and others, with regard to these relationships and continues to deny any responsibility for them. The grievousness of these transgressions cannot be understated.

Therefore, as true and faithful shepherds, before God and all the court of heaven, we are excommunicating our brother George Geftakys. He is not welcome at the Lord's Supper or at any assembly meeting or gathering until there is a full and complete clearing of these matters. Due to our brother's spiritual condition, we are also withdrawing all support for he and his wife's personal needs.

Brethren, we entreat you, by I Corinthians 5:9-11, not to have anything to do with our brother at this time -- apart from admonishing him to repentance. We further entreat all those who love the Lord in other places to honor this excommunication and pray earnestly for true repentance, humility and contrition in our brother's life.

With resolve and unity,

The elders and leading brothers in Fullerton

Ephesians 5:11-14

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