George Leaves Fellowship in Fullerton, Jan. 14th, 2003

January 14, 2003

Beloved friends and family of God at Fullerton:

This is to express my deep appreciation for the incomparable privilege and co-labour in this place for over thirty-three years.

Having now stepped down from the place of all responsibility I have no desire to be a hindrance to those who are in the place of oversight and leadership; therefore Betty and I will seek fellowship in another Assembly.

In this way there can be full liberty without any undue influence of the past.  Our intent is to be in full cooperation with Brethren to the full extent of our conscience; always respecting the simplicity of full autonomy for every local Assembly according to the New Testament pattern.

Our prayers and goodwill continue with you.  Please pray for us.

In the Love of Christ,

George and Betty Geftakys

I Pe. 1:22

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