George Protests That the Brethren Pre-Judged Him


To the brethren:

This letter is to communicate that I agreed with all those present on the January 11th meeting to move forward to resolution of the SLO situation.  I was requested and jointly shared the burden to:

  1. Make a statement of the 1-25th joint Workers meeting regarding my willingness and burden to go to SLO for a period of time and meet with the offended and attempt reconciliation and to do whatever was reasonable to effect this.
  2. Betty's willingness to read a statement of clarification that she never has believed there is ever a justification for physical abuse by a husband and that she has not, nor ever has believed or condoned that teaching.
  3. Betty and I would jointly write a letter to Judy and our grandchildren seeking reconciliation.
  4. I would write a letter of acknowledgement and repentance concerning my lack of responsiveness in SLO.  As previously discussed at length at the 1-11-03 meeting upon the advice of legal counsel I have been advised to not write this letter.  Brother Mark at the meeting stated his understanding of the precariousness of writing such a letter.
  5. It was agreed upon by all present that I could preach in any Assembly that would invite me and that the brethren in Fullerton would not in any way oppose these invitations.  There was lengthy discussion and clear agreement on this point by all present.  We all agreed that the decisions by one Assembly would not be pressed upon all the Assemblies.  This decision preventing a "denominational position", or forming a federation among the gatherings.

While I was in San Francisco I concluded my letter (which I have written against the advice of counsel), Betty and I concluded our letter to Judy, and Betty finished her statement of clarification to be read at the 1-25th Workers meeting.  Upon returning on Friday 1-24-03 I called Mark in the early afternoon.  On the morning of Saturday the 25th I was informed by a local Worker that the Workers meeting would not take place and that Betty and I would not be able to present the previously agreed upon statements and letters.  On 1-25 I called Mark again who returned my call.  I mentioned that I had concluded all the previously agreed upon stipulations and wanted to present them.  I also said I was willing to meet those with allegations and in the presence of the elders and witnesses listen to the accusations as the word of God states.  The meeting taking place on a Scriptural basis.

It is surprising that in my absence I have been pre-judged by excommunication before I was formally charged according to 1 Timothy 5:19-22.  This passage specifically saying not to "pre-judge" (to do "nothing by prejudice", a pre-judicial proceeding having taken place without accusers and witnesses), and invoking "elect angels" as witnesses to all such pre-judgments.  Then the excommunication letter was immediately sent throughout the whole world, myself having no opportunity to respond.

I send this letter to again present my willingness that all of the previously agreed upon conditions were attempted to be fulfilled.

George Geftakys

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