Fullerton Elders Letter to George to Take Responsibility for SLO, Jan. 4th, 2003


I Timothy 5:17-22, Proverbs 28:13, Proverbs 24:23

Brother George:

It is with a heavy heart that we come to you today to address issues that have caused confusion, discouragement and potential division in the assemblies and work. Those issues center on your unwillingness to take responsibility for allowing David's unfaithful and ungodly behavior to continue for many years in San Luis Obispo. It is our conviction, and the conviction of others, that you have not fully repented of what must be considered a grievous sin and not simply dismissed as a 'sin of ignorance'. Over the last few years, and particularly in the last few weeks, we have sought to help you see the ramifications of your behavior with David on the saints, assemblies and work. We have sought to stand for righteousness, truth and judgment in this issue. Your responses to our efforts have led us to conclude that they have not been successful and some of us were moved to repent and apologize to you and the saints for that lack of effectiveness. It is not our intention to 'continue to dig up the past' or to find some 'dirt on you'. However, the problem of your untruthful explanations, preferential treatment of David and deception has caused a stumbling of saints that must not continue.

It has come to our attention, since the Workers Meeting on Saturday, December 28, 2002, that you did know about David's abusive behavior towards Judy since the late 70s or early 80s and that you had personal knowledge of David's abuse of Rachel. This is contrary to your statements in that meeting that you only became aware of this abuse in the last few weeks and months apart from one time that you had a discussion with David and Judy about 31/2 years ago. The information we received, along with our personal recollections include:

  • A statement from Brinda M. that she arranged and was witness to a meeting between you and Judy to discuss an incident of abuse that she was witness to at the House of Promise in Tuscola. This occurred in the late 70's or early 80's.
  • In 1996 you were aware of the Restraining Order that was executed against David for his assault on Rachel.
  • In March or early April of 1998, Tim and Ginger spoke to you and Betty about Judy's revelations to them of abuse by David.
  • In September 2000, Mark and Dan talked to you and Betty about incidents of abuse that were reported by different saints they had talked to after talking with David and Judy.
  • In November 2000 Mark and Dan sent a letter to you in Holland that was reviewed with you and Roger over the phone that referenced multiple incidents of abuse.
  • In December 2000 Kirk C. sent you a letter with a copy of a letter he sent to David referencing David's abusive behavior toward Judy.
  • In August 2001, Danny Edwards sent you a letter that summarized the problems in San Luis Obispo and again referenced David's acknowledged abusive behavior.

The statements you made regarding this in meeting with the brethren, in the Workers meeting and in conversations with individuals are simply not true. In fact they are lies that have deceived others about the truth. In addition to these things, there have also been multiple other instances where individuals approached Betty with these issues and she withheld that information from you. The question that arises is why? What was she afraid of? We cannot help but feel that you created an environment in you home and in some respects in the work that inhibited a free discussion of these and other important issues.

You also stated in that Workers Meeting that David would have been the first worker you ever removed from the work. What of Tony G., Gerald M., Dennis P. and others? These were also removed from the work for various offenses.

The bottom line is that we have no confidence in you truthfulness in these issues. The saints are stumbled, Workers are resigning, many are refusing to come to ministry meetings in which you are preaching and they are coming to us asking if they 'can trust us' and 'are we safe with you men?' Again, this cannot continue.

We have tearfully and prayerfully sought the Lord for His direction in the clearing of this matter. We are of one mind that the following needs to take place for your help, restoration, clearing and the Lord's blessing to be upon this assembly and the work.

  • We will be writing and reading a letter of rebuke and explanation to the saints in Fullerton.
  • We will be distributing that letter to all the other assemblies.
  • You will not be welcome to preach in Fullerton until this issue is cleared to our satisfaction.
  • You will be given a leave of absence from the Leading Brothers meeting until this issue is cleared to our satisfaction.
  • All assembly monies will be removed from your house and the responsibility for their distribution will be put into the hands of faithful men.
  • You are encouraged to write a letter of clear repentance and contrition to be read to the saints in Fullerton and distributed to the assemblies.
  • You are encouraged to send a letter of acknowledgment and apology to Judy and the children.
  • You are encouraged to seek reconciliation with those you have stumbled here and in other places.

For many of us this is one of the hardest and most sorrowful days of our lives. We have labored faithfully with you for many years and still desire nothing but the Lord's blessing in you life, family and ministry. But we feel constrained by the Spirit to take this serious and definitive action. Our earnest prayer and hope is that in real humility and brokenness you can be restored to all that God has intended.

Faithfully and lovingly,

Your brothers in Christ

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