Encouraging Developments from Omaha

George Geftakys has finally been discredited and exposed as the fraud and reprobate man he is. His ministry has also come under scrutiny as a result. In many assemblies, the leadership has recognized that they are not fit to lead, and have stepped down. Several assemblies have brought in pastors from the Christian community to help them decide what to do now that the truth is known about George. These are encouraging signs of goodwill, that would have been considered impossible a few months ago.

Sadly, a few groups have closed the gates, stationed sentries on the walls and kept the members trapped in the dark, in order to continue to follow George Geftakys. In the middle of all this is Mike Zach and many of the Midwest Assemblies. I have spoken to other Zach family members, and people who were associated with Mike Zach in the past. All of them warned me, even two years ago, that Mike's ambition was to take over the ministry. With George out of the way, it seems that Mike may be making his move. He has not repented of any wrong doing, even though he is up to his eyeballs in complicity. That is, he has not repented until the last day or two, since articles have come out against him on the website. Now he is making some attempt to right wrongs he committed years ago. Two of the people, former Leading Brothers in Mike's Omaha gathering, caught him in lies, even as he was attempting to "apologize" to them! This guy has been handpicked, trained, endorsed and funded by George Geftakys. It is no wonder that he is having difficulty coming clean about his abusive tactics and behavior as George's servant.

-- Brent T.

Letter from Jon LeG.

I had been involved in the Omaha Assembly since 1977. During this time, I observed many things, both good and bad, in the Geftakys ministry. Four years ago, we came to the correct conclusion that we needed to leave the group, for a number of reasons. This essentially meant that we would be leaving our friends of many years, because one the issues we had was how ex-members were shunned upon leaving. Until recently, we had little hope that our brethren would ever be reconciled to us. Praise God that He stepped in!

I would like to take the opportunity to publicly acknowledge the movement of repentance that I have witnessed in Mike Zach, Mark Sjogren, and others in the Omaha assembly, specifically towards my family. Mike Zach and his wife Cheryl spent an evening in my home, with other witnesses present, to ask forgiveness of Amy and myself, and also humbly listened to and discussed many questions and concerns we brought up. During this time, Mike was very entreatable. We had a similar meeting in my home with Mark and Chris Sjogren.

We also received a letter of repentance from Jim Hayman.  Many others from the Omaha assembly have either called or met with us to ask our forgiveness and to seek to restore fellowship. In spite of the fact that these meetings were long overdue,  we sincerely appreciate the efforts taken by these brethren to make things right with us, and we believe these efforts to be sincere.

Most notably, a letter was read, in the March 6th meeting in the Omaha assembly, that clearly and specifically detailed and acknowledged the issues of why I left four years ago. In the past, Mike and Mark made an effort to keep this information hidden, but no longer. This letter acknowledged my website posting as factual, and that they believed I posted it without malice, in order to bring to light certain facts; and that it served to bring about repentance and reconciliation in many lives.  They very specifically admitted having wronged us, and they repented of specific actions related to issues of abuse, manipulation, and inappropriate control that I tried to entreat them about before I left. This letter was a clear acceptance of responsibility for their sin, in addition to a clearing of our name as a family. People were encouraged to contact us and restore friendships. The clarity and details of this letter were unprecedented in my experience with the assemblies, and I appreciate it very much.

I also want to publicly ask forgiveness to all those who I have offended by my defensiveness after I left the Omaha assembly. There were times when I saw people from the Assembly that I purposefully flaunted the positive aspects of my current place of fellowship, and how God was still working in our lives. This was done from a sinful desire to justify and prove myself before those in the Assemblies, and I know at times it hurt people's feelings. I repent of my insensitivity to others and the wrongness in my heart, and ask for your forgiveness. My family and I are very encouraged with these recent developments. It is a veritable "flood of grace" which many are being swept into. Honest, open repentance is a beautiful thing in the eyes of God, and that is what I believe I have seen here. May many others respond in true repentance.

In Christ,

Jon LeG. and family