Kirk C. Identifies a Major Issue to Danny Edwards, Aug. 23, 2001

August 23, 2001

Part of letter to Danny Edwards from Kirk

The Work abandoned David’s family and the assembly in San Luis Obispo to David’s abuses. We trusted this ministry to hold David to some earnest diligent accountability, counsel him in his sins and relieve him from his duties, when scripture demanded it, in a timely manner. George and the responsible Workers, for whatever reason, violated this sacred trust. For some reason, now that David is no longer a worker, no longer supported and can no longer preach, it is now believed that the work has faithfully made wrongs right.

This is like the poor negligent driver after a terrible accident that totals both cars involved, takes his car to the junkyard and says to the other innocent driver, "Oops, oh well, that car is junked, it can no longer drive the highways, all will be well now."

There has been no admission of failure by the Work, no confession of negligence by George or any other Workers. How does this utter silence contribute to recovery? If there is a will there is a way to get Judy a letter of peacemaking reconciliation attempting to "leave… the altar… and… be reconciled".

There is such a need for truth and light, a need for acknowledgement and clearing......


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