July 2001 - Kirk's Second Letter to George To Act

July 8, 2001

"Debate thy cause with thy neighbor himself: and discover not a secret to another:"

Dear George,

I was hoping you would respond to me personally about my concerns outlined in my last letter. My expectation was (and still is) to receive some assistance so I can be a blessing to the gathering here. To deal indirectly with this present situation only compounds the problem of saints continuing to be offended by sins that have been ignored. The following is a tally of those who have left offended by this unfaithfulness.

  • Nathan M.
  • Sean
  • Victor
  • Paris
  • Marge
  • Brent and Susie and 5 children
  • Tom and Sally and 4 children
  • Mark
  • Will and Patti and 2 children
  • Mike
  • Heidi
  • Eric and Sheila and 6 children
  • Christina
  • Eulaha
  • A. D.
  • Aaron and Tanya and 3 children
  • Dave and Rachel and 2 children
  • Judy and Rebecca

This totals a gathering of 47 people.

Unfortunately, in my view this is a running tally. There are others who remain who are concerned and hold serious doubts as to the faithfulness in the handling of this tragedy. I am shocked that with this evidence around us that there are few who remain owning any responsibility.

I am appealing to you….please deal with this directly. I realize you are a busy man, however, these are very serious matters that demand your personal attention. I am available to talk with you.

Very Sincerely,

Kirk C.

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