Some Questions for Mike Zach

Chuck V.

Former full-time Worker, elder and itinerant preacher in the George Geftakys Assembly.

"He that saith unto the wicked, Thou art righteous; him shall the people
curse, nations shall abhor him: But to them that rebuke him shall be delight,
and a good blessing shall come upon them."  Prov.24:24,25

First of all, what is posted here can be considered a first installment.  There is much more to tell regarding the fitness of Mike Zach as an elder. Titus 1:5-9.  It goes without saying, that Mike Zach views himself as a successor to George Geftakys.  He is already attempting to gather the teens, from any and every Geftakys group that will attend, for a conference that he himself will lead.  Aside from the obvious questions as to why someone would want to continue the ministry of an immoral, deceitful man like George Geftakys, other serious questions regarding Mr. Zach's fitness as a Christian minister need to be asked.  Is he above reproach, as the scripture tells us he must be?

My name is Chuck V. My Father-In-Law is Chuck Miller, father of Becky Cohen, Nancy Lehmkuhl, Patty Mathews, Chris Sjogren, Mike Miller, as well as my wife Ann V. and three other sons.

The little church in Omaha began in Chuck Miller's home and was taken over by George Geftakys with the help of Mike Zach and Jim Hayman in the late '70s.

Chuck Miller was severely sinned against by Mike Zach and Jim Hayman 25 years ago in dividing Chuck's family in two. 

An example...

Chuck Miller was told when he decided to leave the Assembly by Jim Hayman - "Chuck, if you leave the assembly you're leaving God."

Witnesses include my wife who was then 17 years-old and Chuck's wife Mary Ann Miller.

This and many other evil deeds need to be repented of immediately.

I call upon Mike Zach as well as Jim Hayman to repent of their evil deeds in the sight of God and men concerning Chuck and Mary Ann Miller or your deeds will continue to be published.

If anyone would like to participate as witnesses against these two mens' destructive deeds please write me - Chuck V.--

Mike Zach is not a man that is above reproach.

I call upon Mike Zach to step down from leadership effective immediately.

Mike Zach has been complicit in the destruction of two families...

Below please note two of the many witnesses to the evil deeds of Mike Zach in deeds of faithlessness and deeds of divisiveness.

Quote from: Rachel on February 01, 2003, 06:37:37 PM

"Mike Zach is a man who witnessed first hand what had been happening in my family's home.  He heard my mother's first hand account three years ago.  He promised help and then none came from him...a man who has been complicit in the abandonment of an abused woman"

February 02, 2003, 08:28:36 PM

"Dear Chuck & Mary Ann,

This is ***** *****.It's seems like so long ago, during those early days in the assembly. A lot has happened since then, but I'll make a long story short. I moved to ****** and was married in **** in the assembly. In *****, my ******* and I left the assembly and were branded as deceivers. I always saw myself and others in the assembly as victims, not as willing participants in the sins of the assembly. Through the website that Brent T. has started I have come to see my part in the wrongdoing that destroyed so many families, including yours. As I sat by and even cooperated with the Omaha leadership, your name and your home was being attacked. I didn't bother finding out the facts, I just took my stand against you while they split your family apart. For all of this I repent and ask your forgiveness. I know you have endured many years of pain because of all this. I only pray that now that things are really being brought into the open that your family will be restored. I have only fond memories of your love and graciousness and I thank you for your example to me as a young Christian.

Trusting His Mercy, *****"

Mike Zach is a man that is not above reproach...Protect your families from this destructive man.

I implore Mike Zach by the Mercies of God to repent of his evil deeds against Chuck & Mary Ann Miller in 1978 and to repent of evil deeds against Judy Geftakys in 1999-2000.

The following is a letter from Chuck V. to his nephew, Daniel Sjogren.

Daniel, you asked so here goes...I've been a good Uncle and I've been silent all these years cause you were a child, but now you are a man.  Here it goes -

Your grandfather Chuck Miller and my Dad-in-law warned everyone in the family and in Omaha 25 years ago, he did it 20 years ago, he he warned them 15 years ago, he warned them 10 years ago, he warned them 5 years ago...About George!  About that Disgusting Fraud!  That Fraud who slandered your Grandpa to your Uncle Mike and all your Aunts.  It was a lynching.  Do you understand that? It was a hit job.  An assassination! Your Grandfather warned everyone about the Geftakys lies, about the Geftakys slander, about Geftakys destroying families, about Geftakys and the money, about Geftakys being a "pope", about Geftakys being an idol and a monster... Daniel, for years our family of 53 has been split right down the middle.  George used Mike Zach.

Two weeks ago your Aunt Ann was there at the assembly meeting on the 19th when the letters were read in Omaha, and she being there on that day (only her second meeting in 25 years...Is that God or what? ) - As Mike Zach read the letters the point was made that the men in SLO were repenting and were going to seek others out so as to "get right" with folks that they had sinned against, Mike Zach said (according to my wife, your Aunt)...

"We need to go to people, too - but, nobody comes to mind."

Nobody came to his mind. Daniel that was like a dagger in the heart of your Aunt Ann...This man destroyed a family 25 years ago.  Yes, if you read you will see that Mike Zach did nothing when he knew a woman was being beaten and abused.  This protege of George doesn't need his direction anymore...he knows how to destroy families all by himself now.

What kind of monster is he, Daniel?

Your grandfather just wrote me from Costa Rica an hour ago and asked what what was happening in the assemblies, he questioned me closely about Omaha. 
I told him...

"Chuck, I think Mike Zach has a bull's-eye on his back. He's either going to break, repent and give God Glory or God's going to break him."

Daniel, I love you dear Nephew...You make me so happy.  Why, don't you write Grandpa and tell him yourself how you, your family and the little gathering are doing.

He might have some good insights on what to do next.  I'm going to encourage your Dad and everyone else there to take the Six Week Challenge that Brent encouraged for all the former assembly gatherings.

Blessing To You Sweet Nephew!  You're a godly young man.
I admire your courage.

Your Uncle Chuck

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