Ray Dienzo Letter to SLO Leading Brothers

January 25, 2003


I think we need to face the facts.

The Lord wants to disband this system the in which we have been functioning as leaders.

We have acted sinfully:
in manipulating people by guilt to perpetuate a corrupt ministry
in slandering people who have spoken out against this corrupt ministry

The Lord wants to start afresh; but not with this present system.

I am formally stepping out of this system of leadership.

I exhort you to admit these things as well, and to step out, as is fitting.
I admitted the truth to Brent, in front of Suzie, that our motive in speaking with Bryan Stupar is not totally pure, but that we really wanted to see the website shut down. I realize that this is wrong, because the website has been the source of our deliverance, and what it communicated is true. Whispering, and manipulation, behind the back of someone who has shown courage and integrity, who has not lied to us, and who has been quick to repent, is sinful, and I won't have any further part in it.

Still your friend and brother,

Ray Dienzo