Letter of Reprimand to David Geftakys

The following is the exact text of a letter of reprimand that was given to David Geftakys by the "leaders," in San Luis Obispo, CA. The date was sometime in 1994.

"Keep constantly obeying your rulers, and constantly be submitting to them; for they themselves are constantly keeping watch over your souls, knowing that they are to give account, that they may do this with joy, not with lamentation, for this would be profitless to you." Expanded Translation

Dear David,

The above verse tells us that the leadership of the flock is responsible for the flock and for each other. Your recent sin has made it necessary for us to call you to account. Your sin cannot continue. We believe your repentance to be real and sincere. We do not expect any recurrence but if you should stumble in this way again we hold you accountable to tell us and it will be necessary to give specific discipline.

Our prayers and support are yours. The Lord bless you.

There are no signatures and no date, but the person who gave this to me, Kirk C., has the hard copy. He was present, and helped draft the letter and read it to David. He was accompanied by Jeff Lehmkuhl, Greg Holder, and David Geftakys. Kirk will vouch for the authenticity of this letter.

This illustrates several things. First, the obvious, THEY ALL KNEW! The "sin," that is vaguely referenced in the letter was the fact that David beat Judy, and then preached at the Bible study, with all of the bruises in plain view. Secondly, this shows you how corrupt and weak your (former?) leaders are: They call this making him accountable? They believed his repentance was real and sincere? Furthermore, he did repeat the sin, and they gave him no "specific discipline." Thirdly, the letter demonstrates, if you read between the lines, that their actions were being controlled from headquarters. George and his servants wanted to gloss this over, and the SLO leaders dutifully seared their consciences and complied. Contrast this with countless others who were denied communion for failing to clean the kitchen on time!

I post this, in order to remind people not to give these people a pass. Insist on seeing and reading any "letter," that pertains to a leaders repentance.

Brent T.

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