'Kristin's' Letters of Concern to Scott Testa and Jim McCallister

Excerpt from letters sent from 'Kristin' to San Francisco and Pasadena Assembly leadership in May, 2003:

"I believe that George Geftakys could be a threat to the women there, given that he is excellent at psychologically and emotionally controlling and manipulating people to get what he wants… He has been carrying on this behavior secretly for many, many years; he needs to repent, and he needs help. The sisters in San Francisco and Riverside are not safe. Your daughters are not safe. If you are going to continue to allow him to fellowship with you in San Francisco and Riverside, I caution you not to leave him alone with any woman or girl. To allow him to continue in relationship with God’s people, and particularly women under your care, is in my opinion completely irresponsible and shows a blatant lack of true concern for the flock."