"But We Didn't Know!"

November 13, 2002

This is what many people are starting to hear from the Assembly leaders.  Today I received four emails from people who sincerely want to believe that their leaders, whom they have viewed as hand picked by God Himself, are innocent.  While I realize the pain and hurt that occurs during this process of "bubble bursting," I also know that the truth must be told.  Furthermore, the lies must be exposed, and "We didn't know" is a serious lie. 

So who knew what and when?  Rachel and Judy have named some names in their articles.  We would also like to provide more evidence that shows that other people were warned almost two years ago.  These people are now trying to lie to many of you by saying, "We didn't know, David deceived us."  Dear reader, you be the judge.

The first article was mailed to Danny Edwards, a day after he had a two hour, face to face meeting with Brent T., Suzie T., and Sheila Foy, at Brent & Suzie's home.  Again, let everything be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses.  At this time, Kevin Healy, with Rachel's help and the help of a "Concerned Hispanic Brother," who has made a vow to the leaders not to put anything on the Internet, presented information to the leaders.  This concerned brother has instructed me to post the letter, sans his name, ... "A Concerned Hispanic Brother". [Ed.: Hector's name was later included.] This was shared with Mark Miller and Timothy Geftakys. 

Dear friends, many of us knew everything on this website at the time we talked to these men.  In an attempt to show mercy, we told them everything we knew.  They did nothing except tell people that, "It's all lies."  They also excommunicated me, Brent, for, "putting things on the Internet."  In my mind, this alone makes these men complicit in this matter.  Plenty of other people knew as well, but only now are they starting to admit it.  The reason?  Their backs are up against the wall.