Feb 10, 2003 Some Encouraging Developments

Brent T.

Several things have been happening in recent days that warrant some encouraging words. While it is sad that many leaders won't repent until forced to do so, (which causes one to wonder how real their repentance is) there are some encouraging signs at present.

Two of the leaders in the Midwest have begun to contact people whom they believe they have wronged. This is a good sign, even if the timing is suspect. Please pray that real repentance would occur, and that damage control would not be the motivating factor in all of this.

Many former Assemblies have seen the leadership step down. In addition, these groups have sought help from other Christians. This is highly significant, because isolation from the Body of Christ was one of the prime ingredients that allowed George Geftakys to perpetrate the scam for three decades. The idea of former leaders in the Assemblies visiting other churches, with the purpose of learning from them is almost surreal. It is also quite wonderful, and is a clear indication of God's grace at work.

In many groups, the leadership has clearly mentioned to the members that they are free to attend other churches, and that they may go with God's blessing. While this might seem like a "normal" thing in most churches, it is definitely new ground for the former Assemblies. Again, it is a token representing the fact that things really have changed, and are changing.

In all of this, we need to be careful. We need to understand that the old system must be torn down, completely. If certain groups are going to continue to meet, they must do so with a "new wineskin." I think the coming year will be quite interesting and eventful for the former George Geftakys ministry.