My view of Recent Events in The Geftakys Assembly

Brent T.

The other day I had a chance to step back, take some deep breaths of warm sea air, and spend a few hours doing something that had absolutely nothing to do with the website, Geftakys Servants, discouraged Christians, or very happy, truly free former Geftakys followers.  I went sailing.

As often happens, when one is  "messing about in boats," my mind began to wander here and there, mostly towards concern for the people still trapped in Geftakysism.  On the one hand, I was truly at peace regarding what has taken place in San Luis Obispo, which is where I live, and where I served George Geftakys.  The last month has seen me go from a total enemy and railer, to a dear faithful brother.  I have my friends back, at least in my mind I do, and those that aren't sure whether the group should keep meeting or not are clear on one very important thing.  They know they are free to go, if they wish.  They are also getting input and counsel from local pastors on a fairly regular basis.  All in all, I must say that I am quite pleased with what has gone on here and in a few other places.

I am happy because the following took place:

  • Leadership voluntarily stepped down
  • Outside help was asked for, voluntarily.
  • A clear renunciation was made of several things that were taught in the past, including a complete renunciation of Geftakysism.
  • A clear statement, backed up by action, to the effect that every single person was free to fellowship elsewhere, for any reason.
  • An understanding that God may not want the group to continue, and that finding out His will in this is far more important than changing the dress code or stopping the afternoon meeting.

These people are free, and realize that things were not good in the past. If it happens that they can't seem to move away from the old wineskin, they are free to move into a new church.  If it turns out that some of the people will continue meeting, it will be a very different group than that which was in place two months ago.  This put a smile on my face, as I reflected on the amazing work that God did.

Then, after changing to port tack, my mind began to go into another direction.  I thought about Canada and the Midwest.  I heard reports from these places, that all sorts of things are going on, which caused me great concern.  In one group, a Geftakys Servant stepped down from his position of authority, and was then "re-instated," the next day!  What in the world is going on here?!

In another place, an elder "stepped back," from preaching, for "a time."  Elders, according to the Bible, must be men who can teach.  How is it that a Geftakys Servant who had the office of Elder, is disqualified from teaching, yet he is still an elder?  Furthermore, what are the reasons this man could no longer teach?  The idea of a room full of dazed sheep being fed this garbage, and then being told to stand and sing a "glorious hymn," makes me quite angry.  These people have a right to know why their chief Geftakys Servant is no longer able to do his job, for which they financially support him. 

In other places, the leadership has stepped down from the title "Leading Brother," but continue to lead without titles.  Yes, they haven't the courage to really push their weight around just yet, but they clearly don't realize that they have no business leading in a church, for any number of good reasons.

In yet other places, the Geftakys Servants have severely restricted the freedom of the sheep, in order to maintain control and keep the group together.  In these places, as well as a few of the ones alluded to in the above three paragraphs, there is no talk of whether God wants to the group to continue.  No, they are adamant about the fact that the ministry--George's franchise--was "raised up by God."  They are going to continue, no matter what.

All of this thinking and praying really helped me gain insight on what needs to be done.

First of all, neither I or anyone else can stop these people from serving George Geftakys or his legacy.  If they want to do it, they can.  However, there are many caught up in this who never intended to serve George.  These were deceived and tricked, and now they are trapped by fear and the demonic oppression that empowers Geftakys Servants.  These people need to understand several things about Geftakysism:

  • The Assembly was George's idea.
  • He picked, promoted and demoted most of the leaders and all of the Workers.
  • Everything was always done his way, without exception.
  • All the money went to him, and he spent it or invested it as he saw fit, without accountability.
  • George's theology is thoroughly discredited, except for some of the things he plagiarized.
  • George was a wicked and deceitful man before he started his church, and continued on in his wickedness all the way to the end.  The same goes for Betty, who helped trap George's victims and then used George's sin as blackmail.  Betty is not a Geftakys Servant, but a Geftakys Master.
  • The entire franchise is a fraudulent, yet tiny, empire, that fell over in no time at all, because it was rotten from the top down.
  • The people that wake up in a month and realize that they are very late in getting themselves out of these places need to realize that they are free to go.  These churches are not legitimate, and even if they were, the sheep are under no constraint to stay, they are free to go.

If the people in Canada, the Midwest, and a few places on the West Coast will just realize the above facts about their service to George Geftakys, they have a very good chance of getting free once they understand that they will not get their emotional investment back.

That's the real trouble.  I don't think too many people really think Geftakysism is a good thing.  Most readily admit that it was all a fraud.  However, due to the very high emotional investment that they made to the group, decades for many of those who are still in, forgoing marriage for George's kingdom for others, it is very difficult to let it all go.  It is simply too hard to admit that we all made a terrible mistake.

While I was troubled by the thought of all the pain that these people would feel when what was left of the broken down structure fell on them, I found comfort in knowing that even so, most of them will be delivered one way or the other.

Geftakys Servants are going to be exposed.  Guaranteed.  Freedom will be proclaimed to the captives.  Teen and Teacher conferences, even if planned, will be cancelled by weather when God wants them to.

Because the axe is laid to the root, even if these poor people follow their Geftakys Servant's advice and try to patch up the old wineskin yet again, no growth will occur.  If these people won't come to their senses now, and insist on hardening their hearts to God's judgment, they will simply wear out.  The very difficult and painful labor of trying to keep an empty facade looking half way decent will sap whatever shred of happiness is left right out of them!

This thing will fall.  When The Lord chops down a tree, it doesn't grow back.

The thought of so many former Geftakys members learning about grace, and experiencing real joy in the Body of Christ is a very happy thought indeed.

Before I started the website, I was sailing at least once a week.  After the website, I missed two months.  Now, that I am able once again to do the proper thing and go sailing, I find that the Lord meets me and gives me reason to be glad.  The people I care about are going to be free.

Brent T.

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