Recent Words from Mike Zach Feb 13, 2003

In January, Mike Zach told his followers, "The way we respond to this [George's excommunication and the possibility of the "Work" being divided] is the way we will respond in the great persecution.

By this, he meant that the members of the Geftakys Assemblies need to understand that if they don't stick together and maintain unity in this small trial, they will fold when real persecution comes. This betrays that Mike thinks that maintaining the group is the important thing, and that the meeting must be protected at all cost. I maintain that this is dangerous thinking. First of all, the Geftakys group is not experiencing persecution. They are merely reaping what they have sowed, and are experiencing God's judgment. The act of trying to deceive people into mistaking God's judgment for persecution is a tactic of the Devil. If a person buys into this lie, they will soon label people who tell the truth as persecutors, and will soon be fighting against the truth and against God's judgment. They will not be able to hear what the Lord is trying to communicate to them.

Is Mike still saying this? Has he repented of this? Does he realize what he was saying?

More recently, last night to be precise, Mike said that he was "stepping down from preaching for a while." He indicated that he was not going to preach the Bible study that night. Mike was very sad and broken when he said this, but he no doubt gave his followers hope when he indicated that he was not stepping down, but only "stepping down from preaching for a period of time." This way, when the "period of time," is up, he can return to the pulpit amidst the accolade and rejoicing of how God has really changed and humbled him. In the meantime, his son Dan is available to preach the Teen Conference this weekend.

Mike will still attend the Teen conference this weekend, but will not teach. He will testify to something however. I am not sure what he will testify to, but apparently it is still a good idea to send your teens to a conference where a man who won't be teaching, and who is sad, and possibly repentant, will be "testifying."

This reminds me of the funny letters we all received from George when he was repenting last December. They just didn't make sense, but he was still standing strong and available for service.

What is going on with this? Why the vague, unclear actions? Why is an elder not preaching for a period of time?

I charge everyone in Omaha to not let this slide, and to not allow their leaders to pull a stunt like this. If an elder is disqualified to preach, then those under his rule have a right to know about it. I don't need to quote the verses, you all know them. If he is above reproach, then why isn't he preaching? If he is not above reproach then why hasn't he stepped down? What sort of church gymnastics are needed to arrive at a conclusion such as this?

Perhaps Dan will shed some light on it as he substitutes for his father.

The fact is that this is merely damage control. In light of the fraud that went on for thirty years, in which Mike Zach played a major part, things should be painstakingly clear right now. If the "sheep," put up with this nonsense, then they do not deserve freedom. It is one thing to be deceived, it is quite another to willfully choose to co-operate with those who are deceiving.

Mike, you are a nice man with many talents. Step down, get a job, and spend time reconciling with all the people you have hurt. You will find that putting off this burden is a joy, and that you will receive blessing from the Lord.

Brent T., February 13th, 2003

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