Where is Timothy Geftakys?

Brent T.
Feb 5th, 2003

Where is Timothy Geftakys?  He is in Fullerton, CA.  Unlike his father, George Geftakys, we DO know where Tim is in the geographical sense.  We know where his brother David stands in all of this.  He remains in total denial.  He is very clear about his stand.  However, where does Tim stand with regard to  the exposure and judgment of his family's (and his) ministry?

First, let's look at the stark contrast between one Geftakys and another.  Rachel Geftakys (Steepleton), David's daughter, knew that there were problems in the ministry.  She had the courage to leave, and later to expose the problems, at great personal cost to her and her family.  Another Geftakys, Judy, did much the same, in spite of  very real fear of physical danger.

In contrast, Timothy has stepped down from his position of leader worker and elder, along with all of the other leaders in Fullerton.  But where does he stand at present?  I do know where Rachel and Judy are, and I also know where George and David stand.  Where is Timothy?

Is Timothy serving as a conduit of information to help his father flee the country?  God forbid!  But I really don't know for sure that this is not true, although I have a hard time believing that someone I once considered my friend would do this.  Then again, how many of us thought George was capable of what he has done for decades?

Is Timothy a broken man,  who has fallen at the feet of Jesus, trusting only in His grace and mercy?  Has Timothy confessed his sins, especially with regard to his knowledge and silence about the horrible evil that was the very seed of his father's ministry?  Has he rent his garments?  I honestly don't know.  I do know that others have made clear confessions, but I do not have any knowledge of Tim's.

I am happy to report that Timothy has apologized to his sister-in-law, and his niece.  In his own words, it is a long overdue apology.  It seems that on this point, Timothy is moving the right direction.

Has Timothy renounced his father, and the teachings and practices that he so vigorously promoted around the world?  If he has, he should have done so in a very loud and clear manner.  I have never heard one word about Tim's clarity, or anything specific that he has repented of.  In contrast, other former leaders have admitted to me, and to others, in public, exactly where they stand.  This public renunciation of his father's teachings and practices would be a very significant step in the right direction.

As a former elder, full-time worker, leading brother, and itinerate preacher, Timothy must come forward and let us all know where he is.  Where are you Timothy Geftakys?

What of the meetings that George Geftakys had with  "brothers in the work," on or around January 11th, 2003?  From what I understand--I was not invited to these meetings--Scott Testa, Tim McCarthy, Jim McCallister, Mike Zach,  and Timothy Geftakys, were all charged by George to carry on the "torch of the testimony."  I personally find this list of names rather interesting, considering where the first four of these men stand at present.

Where does Timothy stand?  Again, it is clear where Scott Testa stands, he continues to receive George Geftakys, and continues to suppress the truth in unrighteousness.  He is quite open about this.  Where does Timothy stand? 

Timothy Geftakys,  I hereby call you out, into the light, and demand that you issue a clear statement of repentance, including specifics, about where you stand with The Lord Jesus Christ, who has eyes like a flame of fire, and feet like polished brass.  You owe it to all of us, and especially me,  Brent T..  I gave you thousands of dollars in cash, and I have serious questions for you, about what you did with it. 

Where are you, Timothy Geftakys?

(Mike Zach, you might want to answer this question as well.)

Brent T.

February 5th, 2003.