SLO Announcement of Reconciliation with the Trockmans

January 18, 2003

Dear Brethren,

We are overjoyed to be reconciled with our brother and sister Brent and Suzie T.  Yesterday we had a singular meeting including Jeff Lehmkuhl, Roberto Sanchez, Ray Dienzo, Danny Edwards, Brent and Suzie T., Calvary Chapel’s pastor Brian Stupar and Chuck V., Jeff’s brother-in-law.

This meeting was unprecedented and we are trusting God that it will lead to a healing of our land. Our fellowship in Christ has been fully restored and we are looking forward to all that God will continue to do in the near future.

We want you to know that the leading brothers from the fellowship here in SLO, in pursuit of peace and godliness, have asked Brent and Suzie for their forgiveness for our sins against them, including:

  • Not listening to their continued sincere warnings from back to 1997, regarding serious issues in the assembly, therefore,

  • Resulting in our divisive behavior in excommunicating them on April 23, 2002..

We have repented of these; they have forgiven us, and now we enjoy true fellowship in Christ.

The Leading Brothers in the Fellowship in San Luis Obispo,

Ray Dienzo,  Danny Edwards,  Jeff Lehmkuhl,  Roberto Sanchez, Jr.