Why Are You Doing This?

Brent T. Explains Why He Is Putting Up the Geftakys Assembly Website

We expect that most of the people who visit this website are current or former members of The Assembly.  Perhaps the former members understand and appreciate the motivation behind such a project, but we are sure that those currently involved are having a hard time understanding how something like this could be honoring to God.  Please be assured, that as former members of the ministry, we  understand and appreciate your perspective.  In fact, at one time or another we all thought the same way.

The Bible talks about exposing the unfruitful works of darkness, contending earnestly for the faith, fighting the good fight, and holding fast to His Word.  Most people who read this probably know the verses I am referencing.  In Matthew 18: 15-17, Jesus gives clear instruction regarding how to deal with a sinning brother(s).

Step one: vs. 15 go to your brother(s) alone and tell him his fault.  If he is entreated, the matter is closed and fellowship has been restored.

Step two: vs. 16-17 If he (they) wasn't entreated in step one, approach him with 2 or 3 witnesses. Again, if he is entreated, the matter is settled and all parties are obligated to forgive and again enjoy unbroken fellowship.

Step three: vs. 17 If he (they) won't hear multiple witnesses, then the whole church must be told of this brother's offense.

Step four:  vs. 17  If he (they) won't be entreated by the church, then he is to be treated as an unbeliever and people are to understand that he (they) are of a traitorous and low moral character. (a tax collector)

With regard to the above, in the coming weeks, we will document and prove that not only has serious and blatant sin  been committed by the Assembly leadership, but that they have repeatedly demonstrated a refusal to hear multiple entreaties regarding their offenses.  Sadly, this has been going on for many years.

In recent weeks, another attempt was made to approach Assembly leaders and entreat them about their continued abuse of their followers, and the partiality and double standard that they employ when leaders sin.  They refused to speak with more than one person at a time, and refused to speak with a pastor, who has also expressed concern.  They simply will not acknowledge any wrong doing, or culpability at all.  When faced with proof, from multiple witnesses, they close their eyes and plug their ears.  Even worse, the leadership does everything they can to keep members from hearing the truth.  The Assembly will not allow steps 2-4, as listed above, when it comes to their own sin. Yet they will promptly excommunicate people who entreat them, slandering them and assassinating their characters.

So, because they refuse to allow people who have been offended to go and tell them their fault in person, which we would much rather do, we are under obligation to tell the church.  Over the years, people have attempted to hand deliver letters, email, use the telephone, etc. in order to tell the church, but the leadership usually gets to the members quickly, and "poisons the well," in order to taint the messengers character and keep people from hearing the truth.

However, with a website, people who desire to learn the other side of the story are able to do so.  That is why we are doing this.  The sin, which you will learn about here in the coming weeks, must be exposed and made manifest in the Light.  Repentance must occur, and God must be regarded as holy by all those who approach Him.  That is what we are doing with this website.  Please feel free to entreat us if you disagree.