Message from a Visitor

I was a student at Fullerton College in the mid 70's and at first I was exited to see Christians on campus who seemed fearless in their witness. I remember the literature table and the banner. I was impressed with what I thought at first was the disciplined walk that the Assembly Christians had. I went to the Tent Meetings and attended a few Bible Studies on campus.

I soon realized that what I thought was discipline was really legalism. I worked in a print shop with Mark Wheel and we had some good times of fellowship but he would regularly ask me when I was going to get into "real fellowship". When I told him that I was attending a good church and was involved with Campus Crusade and the Navigators he would sometimes roll his eyes as though I was naive.

I did all the things that the folks in the Assembly did. I lived in an apartment near campus with other Christian guys. We witnessed regularly and led Bible Studies. We all went to EV Free Fullerton, where Chuck Swindoll was pastor - but what was different was the freedom we had that the folks in the Assembly were lacking. We had joy in serving the Lord. It was a fun joyful time that was not based on performance or meeting certain standards.

I think there was probably a sick feeling that came over people as they realized that the body of believers they jumped unreservedly into had a major problem. It's too bad that the Assembly had Geftakys at the center.

There was so much good stuff going on, like the sense of community and the work for the Lord. I know that the rank and file were doing it as unto the Lord and the years were not wasted.

I know there is a lot of pain and I hurt for you dear brothers and sisters. God is faithful. He loves you. He understands what confusion and hurt is deep down inside. May you hear Him say to your soul what He said to the storm on the Sea of Galilee, "Peace - be still"

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