Brent's Original Introduction to Rachel's Story in 2002

We now delve a little deeper into one of the main issues that plague the Geftakys group.  As you read this, please appreciate the courage it took the author to write this personal account.  This is not just about exposing family problems.  The intent of the author, as well as that of this website, is that the patterns of repeated denial and abuse, that emanate from the top down  in George Geftakys' system of "Assemblies," be shown for what they really are, evil.  This is not a minor problem.  The next time you ask a leader in the group about these things, and they say, "Well brother, all churches have problems," ask them to read this material.  The fact is, very few churches have problems like this.  Among those that do, the proper way to deal with sin of this magnitude is to remove the perpetrators from responsibility immediately.  Not only was this not done in the case of the Geftakys family, but even worse, the reputations of many people who sought to tell the truth were destroyed.  This was done in a methodical way, with full knowledge and intent, by the very same people who led their followers to believe that they were God's apostle, the Lord's servants, God appointed and God prepared men, God's representative government on earth, and many other such ideas.  Read this and see who these people really are.  This is a long article, pray, take a deep breath and read.  May God open the eyes of the blind.

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