Dan N.'s Story

Dan N. (not the Fullerton Leading Brother)

I came across your website the other day and I must say that I am in shock. I am grieved and disappointed by what I have been reading. I have read through most but not all of the links within the site. It was tough. I had to stop at times.

A little history..

1981 - Fresh out of high school and a baby Christian, my brother and I were searching for a Bible study we could join while attending Orange Coast College. We found one. It was being led by a man named Tim Geftakys. I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching. I really felt like I was growing.

Tim led my brother and I through 'The Four Anchors'. My brother, who was older, moved on to a four year college. I stayed at OCC another year and continued to attend the Bible study. Tim did not always lead the study. Jim Hayman and John Hinman would lead also.

Danny Edwards, Roger, Janine D. and I were regulars at the table inviting people to the study. I enjoyed serving the Lord and witnessing to my fellow students on campus. Danny invited me to a seminar being held in Fullerton. Wow! Such zeal, such unity, such simplicity, and such depth in teaching. I want to be part of this. I want to serve the Lord like these people.

I started to attend a few Assembly Bible studies and prayer meetings that were being held on Main Street in Huntington Beach. I attended a couple of Sunday worship services also. I attended a few more seminars. I remember John and Jim encouraging me to become a regular attendee.  Jim shared a verse with me. Hebrews 10:32. John invited me over for dinner at his house. As I recall, he was in charge of a Sister's House.

In 1983 I attended UCI with Roger and Janine. John led the Bible Studies there. I struggled. I wanted to attend the "Assembly". The problem: I was a regular attendee at a mainline church in Costa Mesa (not Calvary Chapel). The other problem: I just didn't agree with everything I saw in the Assembly. It appeared a bit stringent, legalistic to me.

After graduation in 1986 I lost contact with the Assembly and the friends I made.

What I remember from the Assembly is a body of people who loved the Lord and wanted to serve him with all their heart. The teachings from your ministry made a profound impact on my walk. I am just saddened to read about its demise. It makes me wonder what would have happened if I had decided to leave the church I was with and fellowship with the saints at the Assembly...

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