2006 Letter from a College Student

October 27, 2006

Dear Steve and Margaret,

I am a college student. I was referred to your website by the campus director for Campus Crusade for Christ, who had heard disturbing reports regarding the Assembly when first ministering in the area. I had the opportunity (or mixed blessing) of being introduced to the Assembly and attending for my first semester while on campus. For two semesters I was also heavily involved with their campus Bible Study...

First off, I want to thank you for your website. I spent over 3 hours today pouring over every part of it, and it shocked me at first and made me sick. I had never known the wider range of the Assemblies besides _______, Nigeria, and little hints about California.

I came out very relieved and with a measure of peace regarding the whole ordeal. It helped to see so many people have also gone through the same types of procedures I did, and it surprised me how much of the _______ Assembly still closely resembles the larger Assemblies.

And I thank you for being loving in your critique. I still deeply love the families in the ________ Assembly, but it was still a very rough experience (and honestly, I didn't know how much I internalized until then!).

Because of how much of a blessing I think your site is, I want to try and offer you what I can of my own services to serve God in this to...help others and eventually bring about a new awakening for those in the Assembly...to emerge from the Assembly's very narrow and confining view of God and see the full offering that Christ gave us on the cross. I would love to serve...

God bless...

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