"Anonymous" relates this incident about prisoners of war from the Korean War.

A few days ago, I ran across a man who was in the Korean War. He said that just after the war, he was part of a team whose mission it was to help those who were prisoners of war recover from their experience and get back to the United States. He said they learned of this one camp that had about 100 POW soldiers in it, and he heard that a guy who was in there was from the same hometown as he was near Sacramento.

He thought he'd go try to help him out, so he met with him, but -- get this -- the guy didn't want to go back. He never did go back to the United States but stayed there in Korea -- the same place where he was kept prisoner.

The man told me that lots of former POW's stayed. I asked him why that was. He said, "Well, they have a girlfriend there or they've been brainwashed. They've been told that they were on the wrong side."

Man, can you imagine. They go to Korea as young soldiers, they get caught and taken prisoner by communists. The communists torture them and continually pump it into their heads that the US and capitalism is bad and that communism is good. Some of them give into it. And when the time comes when they can be free, they can't, because they're not free in their minds.

In the Geftakys group we weren't taken captive, but allured into it. We weren't tortured, but were conditioned. However, the net result was similar. And now the chains are fallen, the doors are open, but some people don't want to go back to reality.

Brainwashing is fascinating, in a way, but devastating and sad.

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