Memo from Dr. Ronald Enroth to Former Assembly Members

Dr. Ronald Enroth sent this memo along with a copy of his article, Stress-Making Churches, published in Christian Counseling Today, August 1996.

MEMO TO: Ex-Members of The Assembly
FROM: Dr. Ron Enroth
DATE: November 1, 1996
RE: Enclosed Article

For several weeks now I have been meaning to send this article to you. It was published in late August in Christian Counseling Today, which, I am told, has a circulation of over 17,000. In any event, I thought you might find it interesting because one of the groups I discuss is The Assembly, although I have changed the name of the group (all names in the article, for that matter). The publishers requested that I use the term "stress" rather than "abuse" because the theme or focus of the entire issue of the magazine was stress.

Because it was impossible to use all of the helpful material all of you provided when I interviewed you before completing the book, Recovering From Churches That Abuse, I thought I would utilize some of that unused material in this article. Some of you will no doubt recognize yourselves (and others) in the illustrative material.

I hope you will feel that you have been able to reach many people as a result of the book and this article. It may well be that I will be able to use even more material in future writing.

Ron Enroth