Assembly Damages

Emotional and Psychological Damages

Loss of self-identity, emptiness
Self-distrust, confusion
Over-compliance, loss of agency
Difficulty with choices & decisions
Self-recrimination, shame
Sadness, regrets
Lack of future goals

Cognitive Distortions

Loss of critical thinking skills
Black-and-white thinking
Cognitive dissonance, catch-22's
Difficulty concentrating

Social Displacement

Loss of community
Alienation from the culture
Not belonging anywhere
Shame about cult past

Relational Losses

Loss of former friends
Distrust of people
Loss of boundaries
Alienation from family of origin
Distorted marriages
Child-rearing damages

Physical and Neurological Damages

Sleep disruption, dreams, nightmares
PTSD, complex PTSD (c-PTSD)
Spacing out, 'floating', dissociation
Memory impairment, memory loss
Phobias, aversions
Triggers, stress-induced neurological issues
Stress-induced physical issues

Occupational, Educational, Financial Losses

Loss of career goals, career advancement
Lost educational opportunities
Financial loss
Losses due to required Assembly service
Lost years

Spiritual Damages

Loss of connection with God
Anger, distrust, doubts about God
Aversion to the Bible
Distrust of churches
Loss of spiritual community
Loss of meaning, purpose
Apocalyptic fears

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