Comments on The Matrix

February 8, 2003, Brian Steele:  The Matrix analogy is perfect!!! Only I'd consider this the anti-Matrix. The "real" world is beautiful, full of promise, hope, freedom, independence. The "virtual" world of the Assembly is mechanical, slavish, with brutal dependence. When I "woke up" in 1992 it felt like such a weight was removed from my shoulders and I could breathe free!.

February 9, 2003, A SLO Assembly Member:  I know that The Matrix is just a story, but the analogy does work for the assembly situation. It can be seen in different ways, including the one shown in the previous post. I see it this way: I was living in a 'matrix' where the assembly life was presented to me by the leaders as being good (the remnant, heavenly vision, etc), yet, like Neo, I was not really happy. When I started looking at this site on 1/20/03, I saw that the reality of the assembly was quite ugly from the start. It was very upsetting to see that, but at least it was the truth. The good news is that reality does not stop there. I am free and am starting a new life without the assembly. I will find out what true freedom and happiness really is.