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CopyrightHigh-Demand Church is copyrighted © 2003 by Margaret M. Irons to protect the integrity of the material presented. If you wish to link to any page or individual entry within High-Demand Church ( or use any of our original material, please contact us.

High-Demand Church uses "fair use" quotations, as well as material for which permission for publication at this site has been obtained by High-Demand Church. Therefore, you may not copy and reproduce pages or entries verbatim (in any medium, including - but not limited to - Usenet newsgroups, mailing lists, and web pages) without express, written (on paper) permission. You may also not frame any of HDCs pages, as that would be a violation of the "fair use" principle embodied in international copyright laws.


Your continued use of this site indicates understanding of and agreement with the terms set forth in this statement.

Information within these pages is offered to facilitate research. Listing links to sites, articles, or other items does not indicate automatic agreement with everything the publishers of those pages believe, offer, provide, link to, or sell. High-Demand Church is not responsible for the content of sites and pages outside of its control.

Original information on this site is personal opinion protected under freedom of speech laws.

Information provided by third parties (articles, statements of opinion, news items, press releases, etcetera) is included for information and research purposes only. The publisher of High-Demand Church does not necessarily agree with everything posted within these pages - nor do third parties, whose material is included, necessarily agree with everything posted on Reflections on Spiritual Abuse.

Where links have added to quotes and other third party material, the original author and/or publisher do not necessarily agree with the information linked to.

If any of the original information provided within these pages is considered incorrect, High-Demand Church welcomes documented corrections.

Neither High-Demand Church nor any third party provider of information guarantees the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any content, nor its merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

High-Demand Church accepts no responsibility for the acts of third parties. That means: linking or referring to third parties (including their websites, organizations, publications, etcetera) does not make us responsible for what those third parties believe, do, publish, organize, post, etcetera. (Again, keep in mind that Assembly Reflections points to research resources, including sites, articles, individuals and organizations whose viewpoints the publisher of High-Demand Church does not necessarily condone or support).

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