Marcos and Marta Velasco and Steve Castersen began the outreach in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico in the 1980's. A property was purchased for the Geftakys ministry with significant donations from brethren in the USA; it is held in Marta's name, as Americans may not own property in Mexico. Marcos and a team of Assembly brothers were able to build a large house. Casa de Sion was intended as a retreat and retirement location for George Geftakys, as well as a meeting place for Geftakys outreach in the community.

The group stopped meeting in 2003 and the outreach disbanded when the Geftakys ministry came to an end in 2003. Marcos and Martha Velasco are now in the USA for an extended period.

Steve and Margaret Irons crossed paths with Marcos and Marta on several occasions in Orange County, and chatted with them about Casa de Sion. We learned that the local pastor who had been renting the house moved out; his church found a property that will accommodate a school. There are no plans at present for the use of the eleven-bedroom house. A Christian man who is a carpenter is renting the smaller house on the property.

Marcos is hoping within a few years to build up his contracting business here in Southern California to the point where it can support him and Marta so they can move back to Cuernavaca and have a ministry from the house, which they refer to as 'Marta's house'. They are asking churches and individuals to pray to that end. They consider themselves to be part of Tim Geftakys' "Pilgrims Provisions" ministry.

Marcos said he has spoken with those in the Assembly who contributed most to the work there, and feels the consensus is to let the property continue to be used for the Lord's work. But if it were to be sold, the funds would be dispersed to the donors.

Brent T., who contributed financially to the project, emailed us a response to this information, as did Steve C. who labored with Marcos in the construction. Both denied any agreement from contributors about the Velasco's continued use of the property. Before posting his comments publicly we encouraged Brent to correspond directly with Marcos about his view on the situation. It has been confirmed that Marcos received Brent's letter, but chose not to reply.

We lay the entire correspondence before the readers. Marcos and Marta, for the sake of the name of Christ, please be entreated by your brothers in Christ. As the correspondence shows, it is no longer just former Assembly members to whom you are accountable, but also the Christians to whom you were ministering in Cuernavaca.

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