ICSA Phoenix Project Letter of Appreciation

Former Assembly member "Torey" received this letter of appreciation for participation in the annual Phoenix Project, a production of the International Cultic Studies Association displaying creative work by former cult members.

Hi 'Torey',

I wanted to thank you, before summer completely gets away from me, for your part in this year's Phoenix Project in Philadelphia. It is only by the participation of ex-members that the project can exist, so I thank you for your having played a part in bringing this year's project to life.

Difficult as they are in what they describe, your poems were a great assist in illuminating the realties of life in cult recovery, and again, for this I thank you.

I wish you well in your continued recovery and your life, and hope that you will consider participating again with the Phoenix Project, should we go on-line or into print....

Again, my thanks and gratitude for your participation.

Diana Pletts

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