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Heb 12:14,  Mat 5:23-24, Rom 12:18

When I began this endeavor, I was attempting to shed light on the many sins in what was then known as the Geftakys Assembly.  While attempting to expose the sins of others, I adopted a "Big Stick" approach to God's Word, in spite of the fact that I had previously charged the Assembly with the exact same error.  This resulted in the truth getting out, but instead of a surgery performed by the Great Physician, much hurt and offense was also brought, and for that I am repenting. While it is undeniable that God has used this website, in spite of my mistakes, the purpose for which it was intended is now over.

Many are probably reading these words in shock and amazement, so I will attempt to joyfully relate to you what occurred today, in the office of Calvary Chapel, San Luis Obispo. The leadership from San Luis Obispo initiated this meeting.

Present were:
Brent and Suzie T.
Jeff Lehmkuhl
Danny Edwards
Roberto Sanchez
Ray Dienzo
Charles V. from Omaha, brother-in-law of Jeff Lehmkuhl
Bryan Stupar, pastor of Calvary Chapel SLO.

To make a long story short, true repentance and reconciliation has taken place, with the brethren mentioned above having clearly confessed their sins with regard to their handling of attempts by many, including some on this website, to entreat them from the error of their ways. Not only have they admitted and turned from these sins, they voluntarily have asked for help and accountability from local Christian leadership.  This is unprecedented and is a wonder to all of us. And yes, the details will follow!

Regarding the further, and finite purpose of this website:

We are working together, to bring healing to the Body of Christ in this community of San Luis Obispo, and as God provides grace, the church abroad, specifically others that were/are involved in the Assembly.  Some immediate changes are that we are not going to engage in sarcastic barbs and un-edifying discourse of any kind, not only because it is distasteful, but also because it is not meet for communication between like minded brethren. While we are not saying humor is wrong,  it has the potential to stumble, especially in light of the opportunity set before us.

The Assembly has demeaned other Christians in the past, and we do not want to repeat this error with them as the target, especially since it is clear that some of the groups have repented and are seeking to walk and grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

More will be said about this later, and we eagerly await the reports from other groups that are also repenting.  Please pray for all of us, as the days ahead will no doubt have sorrow, as well as joy.

The first, and most important order of business, will be an attempt to make amends to Judy Geftakys and her family.

The future use of this website will be prompted by grace, and not judgment.  It will either cease to exist someday, or be so changed that it is not recognizable.

2 Chronicles 7:14

If My People, who are called by My name humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Brent T., Suzie T., Danny Edwards, Jeff Lehmkuhl, Roberto Sanchez, Ray Dienzo, Charles Vanasse, with the help of Bryan Stupar, pastor of Calvary SLO.

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