I must apologize for the tardiness of this update.  Suzie and I, with four of our five children, (Shawn didn't want to miss youth group) went to worship at the Sand's motel, for the first time in thirty months.  We had never been to a meeting like this before, and I want to say that it was truly awesome.

We began with a reading of Jeremiah 18:1-4 and a reading of letters, from the SLO fellowship, and from Brent and Suzie.  The obvious fact that a real miracle had happened was even more evident at this time, than on the day before, when the "dam" broke, and the Holy Spirit worked confession, repentance and reconciliation between all of us.

Regarding the meeting on Saturday, January 18th, we began at ten in the morning, and ended the first phase at two in the afternoon.  This part occurred at the Calvary Chapel office.  We were greatly helped by Pastor Bryan Stupar, and Chuck Vanesse, in working out our mutual sins and blindness.  While both Brent and Suzie and the brothers from the SLO fellowship were hoping for peace and repentance, neither one of us dreamed what would happen.

I, Brent, was worried that this would be a halfway repentance, with the sole purpose being to silence the website.

Jeff, Danny, Roberto and Ray were hoping that they could make peace with me, but were worried I would set the bar so high that it would be impossible.

Both parties were wrong, as God had other plans for the day.  After experiencing some initial difficulty, it soon became apparent that not only was peace possible, but true repentance was as well.  The moment I became fully aware of this was when someone turned to Brian Stupar and said,  "We want to restore the reproach that we have brought to the name of Jesus Christ in this community, and we need help.  We would like to be accountable to you and the other pastors in this area in this matter, and we would like your guidance."  I may not have the words exactly perfect, but this is the true intent of the statement.  When I saw this, I knew that we were no longer dealing with a partial repentance, but with the kind of sincerity that can only come when the Holy Spirit is working, convicting of sin and righteousness.

It was at this time that I began to see how the Lord was touching my errors and sins in all of this.  I believed I had a sanction from The Lord to expose the darkness and sins of the Geftakys ministry.  While I believe this is true, and it is undeniable that God had used me as such, it became apparent to me that I had overstepped my calling and had become a cruel messenger, as opposed to an evangelist.  I repented  when I began to see the truth of this.

The moment of truth for me came when I realized that, although I had, from day one, publicly stated that I would take down the articles the moment repentance occurred, I was now faced with doing it that very day!  For a moment, my mind swayed in the balance, and then I stood up and said, "Let's go. Right now, let's start deleting things right now."  I believe that the Holy Spirit gave me a little shove right then, when I needed it most.

When the brothers saw this, they knew that I was for real and so at two in the afternoon, we took a break and then all met at my house, where we drafted letters, prayed and had a party in honor of the delete key, and its many functions.  A memorable moment at this time is when someone said, "When I press this button, seventy two pages are going to disappear."  It was really fun!

Unbeknownst to us, at the same time we were meeting in SLO, others were meeting in Fullerton, and perhaps elsewhere across the country.  God was moving and that night we were to find out that our local miracle was repeated elsewhere.  Hopefully, those stories will be related here as well.

Returning to Sunday morning, following worship, and the Lord's Supper, the sisters took off the head coverings and we had a time of testimony.  My wife Suzie was the first to go, and it was a strange, but wonderful sight to see my lovely wife, standing behind the podium on a Sunday morning addressing the group!  When was the last time you saw something like that?

Many people testified, and questions were asked and answered.  God was glorified, and it was evident that something special was happening.  People were overjoyed, and some tears flowed.  I don't ever remember God visiting a meeting there with the power that we experienced Sunday morning. 

After the meeting, we read the letter about George Geftakys.  Although this was sad, considering the miracles we witnessed earlier, we conclude that even this is possible.  Pray for George and Betty's repentance.

There is so much more that I could write, but I seem to have lost my sense of urgency at the keyboard.  Everyone knows that this is not over, and difficult days lie ahead.  We also know that a great darkness has been dissolved, and that true liberty has been proclaimed to the captives.  These exact words were shared.  The Lord will continue to care for His people, wherever they may be.

God Bless you all!

Brent T.