Feb 1, 2003 Who Are The Wolves?

I have been watching the fallout and monitoring the events closely since January 19th. As has been the case at several times in the past, the news changes rapidly, with often conflicting versions. Also, people will come forward with information and then become fearful that their identity will be found out. This makes it difficult to get the facts exactly correct, because so few people are willing to talk out loud.

At the same time, it is undeniable that God has flooded in with His light and that many of His people have been delivered. Like many others, I have also experienced the most severe spiritual warfare of my life. The enemy's house has been broken into, and he is desperately trying to bring his captives back into bondage again. Yes, there are many Christians there, but the overall direction of the group, under George and Betty, was towards deception and bondage. George Geftakys is a false brother, and the Apostle Paul says, regarding men like George, "Let them be accursed."

At the present time, about ninety percent of George's followers are willing to admit that they were fooled. These people are able to say that George's behavior, along with David's, Betty's and others' was reprehensible. Many of these people are beginning to understand that they have been subject to false teaching, and are beginning to realize that something was wrong with Betty's handling of the money all along. This is all good, and is a testimony to the fact that God has moved powerfully in responding to the cries of His people.

However, there are still some wolves among the flock, who are seeking to confuse people in order to bring them back into bondage. Some of these men have not excommunicated George for his adultery and immoral behavior. In fact, they have even gone so far as to call the charges against George, "Lies." I am all too familiar with this talk, I listened to it for years with regard to David Geftakys.

Scott Testa, in San Francisco, Tim McCarthy, from the San Fernando Valley and Jim McCallister, from Pasadena, are at the top of the list. Just below these names are the "brothers" in West Los Angeles, and Mike Almanzor, of Riverside. These leaders have been very clear that they do not agree with excommunicating George Geftakys. They say ridiculous things to defend their position, like, "Since these are not local accusations, they do not apply here." Or, "George was not excommunicated in the proper way." One tactic that hasn't been tried yet is, "George has repented."

These men continue to support him, and invite him to teach at their group meetings. Because they had ample time to come to their senses, and yet they continued their obvious embracing of darkness, it is important to note this and warn people to stay away from these people. Do not attend their meetings. Apparently there has finally been a decision to stand with Fullerton regarding George's excommunication in some of these gatherings, but it is still unclear, and rather late in coming.

However, there is something else to consider here. Could there still be wolves hidden among the sheep? The answer to this question is yes, this possibility exists. It has come to my attention that pressure by way of subtle suggestions and advice, is being brought to bear on at least one of the groups on the west coast, to not read the letter of excommunication, and to continue listening to George's tapes! The potential wolves (it is possible that they are merely deceived) in this case are: two former elders from Fullerton, and a former full time Worker. As recently as last week, each of these men instructed a leader in at least one of the groups mentioned above to "protect the flock." To be specific, they advised against reading the letter of excommunication, to continue listening to George's tapes, and to keep quiet about everything. The former full time Worker said to one person, "If you don't, you will destroy the Work there." Keeping silent and withholding the truth about the leader of the "Work," serves only one purpose. Whether these men are malicious, merely deceived, or just sadly mistaken only God knows. However, their counsel, if followed, furthers the purpose of wolves, who desire cover of darkness and deception. How could anyone, in good conscience, withhold the truth about George Geftakys and encourage people to continue to study his teaching?

I find this not only interesting, but alarming. All of these men are supposed to have stepped down from leadership! Yet they continue to apply extra-local pressure, in order to salvage the "Work." What is even more incredible, is that Timothy Geftakys has made statements to the effect that if Bible studies don't continue in Fullerton, people are welcome to come over to his house and he will get another Bible study going! This is coming from a man who claims to have been deceived, and who has stepped down from leadership!

Dear friends, you should be very alarmed about all of this. The forces of darkness have an agenda, and they have used these men in the past to carry out their deceit. As far as I can tell, nothing has changed.

Be on the alert. Be aware. Satan is prowling about, seeking someone to devour. Resist him! Be strong in the faith! Put on the armor of light!

I am asking that each of you put these men on notice. They must publicly give account for themselves, especially for the fact that they are playing secret games with other gatherings, in order to salvage the groups. This is not to say that it is impossible that some of the groups will continue afresh, but to point out that the old system must NOT be preserved. It has been found wanting.

Do not be deceived.

Following conversations with one of the people mentioned, and one of the witnesses, I have made some changes to allow for the fact that two former elders from Fullerton and an ex- full time Worker may not be malicious wolves, but merely deceived. To be quite specific, they counseled that the letter of excommunication not be read to the gathering, because the leader in question should not "force them to read it." In Fullerton and elsewhere, the saints were blindsided by the excommunication letter on Sunday morning, and well they should have been!

When it becomes apparent that the leader of a movement is a fraud, there is not a moment to spare when it comes to warning those you care about, who are under his spell. However, the motivation for doing this in Fullerton was shared with others, who were much more vocal than these three listed above. When it comes to the issue mentioned above, they did not think it best to tell the saints. They adopted a "patient," strategy, and encouraged silence as a virtue. They could be deceived. However, then another question must be asked, If these men stepped down from leadership, what were they doing advising someone nine hundred miles away how to go about exposing sin in the camp? How is it that they were acting like leaders, when they had stepped down and disqualified themselves only a week previous? THIS IS MADNESS!

Again, one of the men implicated as a wolf was invited to correct me, in writing. I promised to publish his correction unedited, if he would include his name. He desperately wanted the correction, but would not include his name. Why? If it were me, I would want to clear myself, and would be only too happy to publish something that I wrote in my own defense. As it is, I have made changes to this article several times, as new information clarifies events. I cannot comprehend why this person did not do so. My offer to him remains indefinitely.

Also, I must again state that fear is one of the Devil's best weapons. Do not give place to fear when it comes to exposing the darkness. Boldly stand for the Truth!

Stay tuned....

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