Some Discouraging Developments, Feb 12, 2003

Brent T.

As things begin to wind down, there is quite a bit of outrage flying about. Plenty of people are outraged by George, David and some of their servants. However, there are now people outraged at me, which is nothing new really. After all, I was excommunicated for "putting things on the Internet." Even though the men who did this have truly repented of it, there remain others, in other places, who still view me as a reviler and slanderer, for the reason I will give below.

When this all started, anyone who had anything bad to say about the ministry, or one of the leaders was a reviler. Period.

Then, when the truth about David Geftakys could no longer be contained, David was the sinner, but everyone else was "The Lord's Servants," or "dear brethren." David was bad, but George was, "godly."

Then, when George was implicated, George was bad, along with David, but everyone else was "godly," and the Assemblies were "lampstands."

Then Leading Brothers started stepping down, for good reasons. Lampstands, which supposedly could withstand the very gates of Hades, were toppled like the statue of Dagon in the presence of the Ark of the Covenant.

Some groups were bad, but all others were still "precious."

What about the leaders who didn't step down? Where do they stand? Is there cause for concern? Absolutely there is, given the thirty year history of the Geftakys group.

So, now, at the end, when leaders who have been silent, ambiguous, or vague about where they stand are called out, outrage is expressed...against the person calling them out! This is exactly what happened in the past. Nothing is any different.

Really, in light of everything that went on, there should be outrage that certain leaders have not publicly renounced George Geftakys and clearly, unmistakably distanced themselves from him. As far as I know, the letter of excommunication has not been read in every Assembly! This is outrageous, not the fact that I might make a mistake. When I make mistakes, I correct them, quickly. The mistakes don't last an hour without getting corrected.

However, Geftakys servants, past and present, are allowed to make huge "mistakes," and they are given all the time in the world to come around and "see it." When and if they finally do admit to doing something wrong, or being deceived, they are applauded for their honesty! Please don't misunderstand, I am truly happy when my brethren repent, no matter how long it takes. I just marvel at the double standard employed.

What I find discouraging are the letters I receive, expressing outrage that I would dare to accuse a former leading brother. I have dozens of letters like this over the last two years, taking me to task for insinuating that George Geftakys was not a godly man. Besides George, is there  anyone else who wishes I had taken these people's advice and "stopped my accusations?" Is there something wrong with a "shepherd" who was fooled by George for twenty something years? I think there is, and they should admit to it, when they get around to it.

My point is this: If you must be outraged, at least aim it in the direction of the greatest sin. When I miss the mark, and say something about an Assembly leader that is not quite accurate, weigh that sin against the spiritual darkness and demonic influence that Geftakys had, and which his servants, the leaders, perpetrated. These are NOT equivalent. Express some outrage toward the leaders who are vague in their repentance before you return to accusing me of slander, etc. If I am wrong with the "accusations," I have made, and I am correctly required to publicly apologize for my actions, why aren't the leaders, who did far more, far worse, and for far longer not do the same, publicly apologize? (I am fully aware that some of them have, and I am not referring to them.)

If George's former servants would repent in a manner worthy of 2 Cor 7, then we would not need to worry about anything. Some of them have, notably Danny Edwards, and others. However, this is not true of all. That, my friends, is outrageous.

Again, as I have done from the start, I will re-iterate my promise, yet again.

If there is anything on the website that is not true, I will correct it. I will apologize, in print, on the phone, and in person if need be. I'll do it quickly and clearly.

Have your former leaders done this? Have they publicly apologized to the people they have slandered, manipulated and discarded? Yes? Praise God! NO?? THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS!

Now, I am going to remove the names from everything I post from now on, starting with the "viper," article. Soon, I will stop doing this altogether, and you will be on your own, as before. Do you need me? Certainly not, but you did need someone to tell the truth.

Many people knew the truth, but very, very few had the courage to open their mouths. Has this changed? I hope so, for if it hasn't, or if the remaining courageous ones have left and moved on, you all run the risk of falling back into bondage.

There is nothing I can do to stop you, except warn you.

Again, if I have sinned, I will publicly repent.

Parting shot: how many Leading Brothers have publicly repented on this website?

Answer: Four. Ray Dienzo, Danny Edwards, Jeff Lehmkuhl, Roberto Sanchez.

If you demand from me a public apology for something I print, which is only right, what is the correct thing to demand from a leader who furthered the idolatrous worship of a man and his system, using slander, lies, false teaching and manipulation?

Is a private, "Wow, I didn't know," followed by public accolade and boasting about how, "God is doing great things" worthy public apology? Of course not! However, that is what you "sheep" are settling for, unless it has to do with me. Then, you will send me strong letters, that make George's excommunication letter look mild, and demand a public apology from me. I am happy to give it, when appropriate.

Are Geftakys servants required to do the same?

Think about it.

Brent T., February 12th, 2003Menu     Back to top