The Issues

In this section you will be able to view proof regarding the main issues that plague the innocent members of the Assembly. This will include testimonials, transcripts of Workers meetings, legal documents and evidence that clearly demonstrates a longstanding pattern of sin, hypocrisy, character assassinations and cover-up. This is difficult material, both to read and to post, because it gets to the heart of the matter. The hidden things that must be brought to light are not nice. Please pray that we would be able to not only expose the unfruitful works of darkness, but also to lift our reader's gaze away from the spiritual deception in which they have been submerged in order that they behold Jesus, Head over all things to His Church.

Repentance and Openness Rick Warren from The Purpose Driven Life

What is The Dynamic That Allows For Abuse in The Assembly? [Code of Silence]

False Holiness [Mark Campbell]

Beware The Leaven of The Pharisees. Also, our first rebuttal! [Brent T.]

The Assembly in The Book of Galatians: It's all here; authoritarian leadership, anonymity, autonomy, secrecy, Bible quizzes, false teaching, abuse, everything. [Bob Deffinbaugh on]

Outer Darkness: Heaven's Suburb or Hell? [Hampton Heathley IV on]

Forgiveness Distorted and Forgive and Remember , on the site. Editor's note: The inclusion of these two articles is not meant to be an endorsement of everything on the host website. These two articles were chosen for their clear relevance with regard to the lack of accountability with the Assembly leadership.

Why Are You Doing This? [Answers questions about why Brent has put up this website]

Can you briefly tell me what this group is all about? [Brochure by Brent T.]

My son (or daughter) is involved in this group. What do I do? [Brent T.]

What Do Other People Have To Say About This Group? Refer to:

Churches That Abuse and Recovering From Churches That Abuse by Dr. Ronald Enroth, both of which have chapters devoted to the Geftakys Assembly under pseudonyms; Cult Education Institute; and MM Outreach.]