Post-Assembly Pix!

September, 2008  Dave Mauldin (who is an elementary school teacher) as Ben Franklin. He says, "I have been doing Benjamin Franklin Assemblies. It's great fun. I walk around and say the most outrageous things! I honestly have to say I stole many of my phrases and stories from GG!"
Dave as Ben Franklin
"Ben" playing his glass harmonium.
Ben Franklin and Harmonium
August, 2008   Dave backpacks, in addition to teaching and working on his M. A. in history.
Dave hiking

August, 2008 Beth works full time, goes to the gym, and bicycles 30+ miles nearly every weekend!
Beth A. 2008

September 1, 2008 - Eulaha and her baby daughter Victoria Mae, born June 23!
Eulaha and baby 2008

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