"Who is deceived?"

Dear Wounded Pilgrim,

I would like to share an example of how we can continue in assembly deception by not understanding how God communicates His truth to us.

I was talking with a brother who had stepped down as a leader in the assembly, but was seeking to see a new work raised up in place of the former assembly. He told me that he had repented of the past, and was trusting God would lead the group into a new future. I asked him, "Repented of what?", and "How would God lead them?" Regarding repentance, he mentioned authoritarian leadership, but that he was not so bad as the Fullerton Assembly. Regarding God's leading, he felt that the Holy Spirit would guide them in the future. I suggested he step away from teaching and seek instruction for a period of time; he could not accept this. His answer was, "Do you not believe that God can teach us, and do a new work in our midst?"

It is a false supposition to equate being instructed, with the willing attitude for "whatever God wants". Cults use just such a method to support the concept that they are the one true church, for, they contend that they are sincere in their pursuit. Mormons will suggest those who have doubts regarding the Book of Mormon only pray and ask if the book is indeed of God. Many Mormons base their faith on the experience they have had when taking this advice. Many Mormons are very nice, sincere, hard working, and honest people; but they are deceived. It is dangerous to seek an inner confirmation of the leading of God for one's decisions as this opens one to a plethora of possible deception. (Please read Decision Making and The Will of God by Garry Friesen, published by Multnomah press.)

The brother I talked to needs to have his mind renewed by the Word of God. The Holy Spirit instructs in words to the mind and these form into a clear system of understanding ("pattern of sound doctrine"). Sound doctrine leads to sound practice, and vice versa. He was previously indoctrinated into the assembly system of understanding, which included a faulty means of interpreting scripture. It takes time to unlearn these things and to learn a new way of thinking about Scripture. There is nothing wrong with humbly accepting the process of the renewal of the mind. To reject such an entreaty is a sign of pride, which the Lord resists and such an attitude smacks of the present evil mindset of the creator of the assembly system, GG.

Was Paul bitter and consumed with hatred because he publicly rebuked Peter for not "walking in the Grace of God"? The answer is of course not, and neither are we when seek to entreat others in an attempt to correct their thinking and practice regarding the Gospel of grace.

God Bless,
Mark C.

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