Podcast In Gods Name

"In Gods Name - An Unseen Cult" is a new podcast about the Geftakys Assembly beginning in January this year, 2024. The season finale, "The End", airs April 7 - "In loving memory of the future we thought we knew." Produced by the second-generation, the episodes feature interviews with former members. It has aired biweekly, beginning on Sunday morning January 1, 2024, on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. See episode announcements on Instagram @ingodsnamepod and the Facebook group "George and Betty Geftakys".

The Story...

Adults who came into the Geftakys Assembly did not see it coming. They invested heart and soul in a ministry with a serious vision. They gave it their all, believing that they were serving the Lord. Their children, the second generation, were a different story entirely. They were powerless in the cultic system. Everyone was devastated when the corruption came to light and the ministry fell apart. The damages and losses of being in a cultic group are immense. This is how the story played out in the Geftakys Assembly ministry that began in 1970 in Orange County, California.