The Assembly at a Glance

George Geftakys began the Assembly in 1970 with the idea of getting back to a New Testament pattern of gathering--"This is God's true vision for the Church." He began travelling in the USA and Europe, speaking at home Bible studies. Small Assemblies began springing up, united under the umbrella of what George called 'The Work'.


George and Betty brought together strands from several sources and modified them to suit their purposes in giving overall shape to the Assembly:

• The appealing emphasis on "New Testament gathering" from the Plymouth Brethren
• The pious appearance of Betty's fundamentalist Bob Jones College background
• The higher life overcomer teaching of Keswick and Watchman Nee.
• The youthful enthusiasm of the Jesus Movement

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Cult Dynamics

• Unaccountable authoritarian leadership
• Mind-numbing indoctrination
• Elitism
• Invasive control
• Constant Exploitation of time and assets

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2003 Implosion

In January, 2003, George Geftakys was excommunicated from the Fullerton Assembly following revelations on this website on this website of a decades-long cover-up of his son David's domestic violence, and George's own immoral relations with several Assembly women. Most of the Assemblies disbanded.

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Challenges Facing Former Members

The betrayal of trust is huge. The losses and damages are deep and enduring. The effects of having been in the Assembly are not over yet.

• Emotional and psychological damages
• Cognitive distortions
• Social displacement
• Relational losses
• Psychological and neurological damages
• Occupational, educational and financial losses
• Spiritual damages

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Current Concerns:

• Continuing Assemblies:

Most of the former Geftakys Assemblies have disbanded. Those that are still meeting no longer identify themselves with the Geftakys ministry. They are actively hiding their Assembly past and are dishonestly presenting themselves as groups of simple Christians with no Geftakys Assembly history.

• Former Assembly Leaders

Certain former leaders are developing their own ministries, or have become involved in leadership in other churches. This is one example in Canada. These men were trained exclusively in "the schoolroom of the believer", i.e. trained by George Geftakys in his beliefs and practices. They may be expected to bring their hidden Geftakys baggage over into a another context, unless they have publicly acknowledged and apologized for their errors and abuses. To this date, we have not been informed of such repentance.

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