History of the Assembly: Its Rise and Demise

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  •  Who Were George and Betty Geftakys?

  • Background of the Assembly by Steve and Margaret Irons details how George and Betty Geftakys began with a few meetings in their home in Fullerton, and expanded the Assembly ministry to a world-wide network of Assemblies. The Assemblies - an Overview is a more concise account of this development.

  • Midwest and Tuscola History is the in-depth story of a key element in the early development of the Assemblies.

  • Final Weeks details in slow motion the sudden collapse of the Assembly.

  • An Assembly history timeline traces the Assembly story across the 33 years of its existence. Events involving David Geftakys, which show the hidden corruption of the Assembly, are marked with a double asterisk (**).

  • The Jesus Movement of the 1970's was the cultural context.

  • The Assembly bulletin board is a sprawling archived conversation among the saints beginning in 2002 and ongoing for several years. Simultaneously, folks also began contributing information to the Geftakys Assembly page of the Rick Ross Cult Information Forum.

  • Documents produced in the 'Geftakys Mnistry"

Extent of Influence

  • Assembly Locations and Leaders and outreaches over the period of thirty-three years.

  •  Prayer listfor the December 1989 ANOP showing some of the scope and extent of the Work and the Assemblies as they existed at that time.

  • A few Letters from Abroad" show a bit more of the international influence.

  • The story of the Assembly in Oktupko, Nigeria is an example of the kind of influence exerted internationally by the Geftakys ministry.

Means of Extending Influence

  • Regularly Visiting and/or Co-opting Existing Small Groups

•  The House of Christian Love
•  The meeting in Tom Maddux's home in the San Fernando Valley
•  The Miller family Bible study in Omaha
•  Gatherings across the USA that followed T. Austin-Sparks
•  Chicago
•  France, Spain, Holland
•  Nigeria
•  Ottawa

  • Seminars given by George three or more times a year, attended by people from around the world. Calculating three seminars a year every year for thirty-three years, plus one Midwest seminar every year for perhaps twenty years, G. Geftakys gave over one hundred seminars, mainly expounding Plymouth Brethren doctrine cloaked as his own special "heavenly vision", but including some on his own occultic and mystical ideas. Sometimes he presented long sections from PB writers without attribution--i.e. he was plagiarizing.

•  Incomplete list of seminars
•  Seminar brochures
•  Official seminar photos

  • Assembly publications  A list of types of publications in the Work, and a list of Torch and Testimony publications in translation, documents the lingering influence of the Geftakys ministry in print in the USA and internationally.

Miscellaneous Assembly pics.

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