Assembly Timeline

◦ Additional details can be found on the pages for each Assembly.
◦ Events involving David Geftakys are indicated here with a double asterisk.


• Spring - Steve and Margaret Irons meet the Maddux's, Hartman's and Yousling's at a retreat hosted by Floyd Police's Sparks-style group in La Puente, CA. Irons begin attending the informal weekly gathering in Maddux's home in the San Fernando Valley.

• September - George and Betty Geftakys visit Westmoreland Chapel to hear Bakht Singh. Tom Maddux invites George to their home Bible study in the San Fernando Valley, which George takes over and turns into a chapter summary Bible study.

• 1969-1972 Spiritual awakening sweeps across the USA. George and Betty Geftakys  catch the wave.


• Memorial Day Weekend -First seminar in George and Betty Geftakys' home in Fullerton

• July - Sister Harrison accompanies George on a trip across the US to introduce him to her acquaintances from the Sparks ministry One stop is in Norfolk, Nebraska, to meet Hap and Helen Gensler and the Steinke's. They attend the Atlantic States Christian Convocation where T. Austin-Sparks is one of the speakers. George has meetings in Tuscola, IL, and many are saved, including Gerald and Marilyn M., and Dale and Barb (McC.) Kerns. Bible study begins in Fred and Jan Boyer's home.

• Labor Day weekend - Second seminar in George's home

• First Workers prayer meeting in George's home after the second seminar

• Fall - Another trip across US with Sister Harrison


• Christmas/New Year's weekend - first seminar at Hillcrest Park Recreation Center (on "The Sign Gifts"?)

• February - First meeting for worship at Hillcrest Park Recreation Center, about 35 people in attendance

• Steve Irons and Tom Maddux are appointed Leading Brothers. Weekly Leading Brothers meeting is begun on Sunday evenings.

• March - George and Betty and Sister Harrison travel across the US and Europe for 6 months, with more introductions. They visit Tuscola on the way, and there is more salvation, including Brinda M.. On his return from this trip George displays a new wardrobe of Italian shoes and elegant suits, and insists on being addressed henceforth as "Brother George".

• July - George, Betty and Sister Harrison visit Tuscola again on the way home from Europe. There is a big baptism at Lake Sarah and the Tuscola Assembly begins. Leading Brothers are Fred Boyer, Gerald Mathias, Jim M., Bob Middleton.


• Fall - outreach begins in St. Louis/St. Charles, MO. through students at Logan College of Chiropractic.


• The Boyers and the Braggs are excommunicated from the Tuscola Assembly. Cecil Smith and Denny Fredericks are made Leading Brothers, Gerald M. was made an elder.

• George begins to distance himself from Sister Harrison around this time. She is eventually ejected from the Assembly and the Work (not excommunicated, but told to leave, and join her daughter at Floyd Police's group in La Puente).

• Champaign, IL, outreach begins in home of Dave and Tonda Perry

• Kurt and Andra Green are sent as Workers to Champaign

• May - Mike and Brenda Houk leave the Baptist church, and an Assembly Bible study begins in their home in Oakland, IL.

• **Judy Geftakys is Betty's disciple. David is brought home. At Betty's urging Judy moves from the San Fernando Valley to Fullerton to be coached on how to interact with David.


• Holy Convocation with Bakht Singh at Pacific Christian College facility in Fullerton (now Hope International University)

• **David and Judy Geftakys are married. They live in the Carhart house, which George and Betty bought for them.

David attacks Judy for the first time. Betty counsels Judy that it is her fault.


• August - The first Workers Seminar is held in Estes Park, CO

• Sister Mayo buys the property on Wilshire Ave. in Fullerton for a House of Prayer, to used for the Assembly weekly prayer meetings and monthly All Nights of Prayer, and as an outreach center to the nearby colleges, led by Tim and Ginger Geftakys.

•  Dan Notti is sent out as a Worker to St. Louis. The meeting is moved to Bel Nor to be near the UMSL campus.

• **David and Judy are sent to the midwest as Workers. The Carhart house becomes a Sisters House.


• Omaha Assembly begins in the home of Chuck and MaryAnn Miller, Jim & Cheryl Hayman are sent as Workers. Mike Zach is a Leading Brother.

• (Date?) Sister Mayo buys the Woodcrest House to be used as a Brothers House. When a suitable facility for a gathering place is located, it is to be sold and the money applied toward the purchase.

• The Assembly in Springfield, IL, begins in the home of Bob and Carolyn Wenneborg


• Summer - First Fullerton tent campaign

• August 21 - Bakht Singh spoke to the Fullerton Assembly at the Women's Assistance League facility at 11 am, 3 pm and 7 pm.

• Dennis and Linda Patrick commended to the work in St. Louis. Dennis leads a Gospel march on UMSL campus.

• **At this point David and Judy have been heading up a Sister's House in Chicago. His behavior toward the women has been aggressive and angry. David and Judy are moved back to Fullerton to the Carhart house. They go to the Workers Seminar in Colorado, where David slaps and abuses Judy.


• George insists that the Assembly sue the City of Fullerton for refusing to continue to grant us exclusive use of the Hillcrest Park Recreation Center on Sundays. We lose in court; meetings are moved to the Women's Assistance League of Fullerton.

• Timothy Geftakys becomes the first recognized paid full-time Worker in addition to George

• Kurt and Andra Green are recalled from Champaign to Fullerton (?), and then are sent to Santa Barbara/Goleta to work with Steve and Denise Farrell (?)

• Chuck and Maryann Miller leave the Omaha Assembly

• Dan Notti is sent to St. Louis as a Worker.

• **David and Judy are sent again to the Midwest as Workers. David does 'itinerant ministry'. They live in St. Louis first. Judy talks to Dan about David's violence.

• **David and Judy also stay in the House of Promise in Tuscola sometimes. While there Judy tells George about David's attacks on her.


• First tent campaign in Huntington Beach

• Tim G. introduces "The Four Anchors"

• Puppet ministry begins in the San Fernando Valley with Glenn Strohm


• Fullerton All Night of Prayer time is changed from 10 pm-5 am to 7 pm to 2 am.

• Samuel Ochenjele meets Roger Grant in Chicago and is introduced to the Assembly

• Dennis P. is excommunicated from the Fullerton Assembly. In his book, Dr. Ron Enroth recounts Dennis's experience under the pseudonym 'Kyle Larson'.

• **David and Judy visit in Fullerton, staying at George and Betty's house. David beat Judy horribly. Gay Mau (Walker) saw the injuries and the blood, and talked to Betty. Betty told her that Judy had provoked David.


• 1981-1992 Saints in Huntington Beach outreach leases storefront on Main Street for outreach and Thursday night prayer meetings.

• The mansion on Commonwealth is purchased for Cornerstone, but the City of Fullerton denies conditional use permit. It becomes Tim and Ginger G's residence and a sisters house.

• GG visits Samuel in Nigeria for the first time.

• **David and Judy return to St. Louis. Judy tells David she is leaving him. He threatens her that she will never get the children. Judy stays.

• **David and Judy return to Fullerton to the Carhart house. David continues to attack Judy.


• Cornerstone Academy is begun at the House of Prayer in Fullerton

• Jeff Lehmkuhl is sent out from Fullerton to San Luis Obispo. He is a student at Cal Poly SLO.

• "Pilgrim Journal" is begun as a publication for the campus outreach

• MTT team goes to West LA to the Olympics

• **Dan Notti was again confronted with David's abuse. Nothing was done.


• Early May, "Centrality of the Cross" series in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

• May, Mid-West Seminar

• September 18 - Huntington Beach Assembly begins with breaking of bread.

• Summer - First Mission and Training Team (MTT); goes to San Luis Obispo and afterward they begin to break bread. Keith and Gay Walker are sent to SLO from Fullerton.

• Wayne and Pat Mathews are sent to Norfolk, NE.


• Placentia Assembly begins at the Placentia Round Table, relieving crowding at the Fullerton Assistance League. Leading Brothers are Kurt Byword, Tom Summerford, Ron Womack, Jack Hanson.

• May - Midwest Seminar - "The Fullness of the Spirit"

• MTT team goes to West Los Angeles (WLA) for the Olympics


• San Fernando Valley outreach begins breaking bread and becomes an Assembly. Leading Brothers are Tim McCarthy, Mitch Schuster and Andrew Gunther

• Wes Cohen is commended to the Work in Santa Barbara

• **Summer - David and Judy Geftakys are sent to San Luis Obispo to replace Keith and Gay Walker who are recalled to Fullerton.

• Paul and Debbie Hohulin replace the Green's as Workers in Champaign. Paul has leg surgery, Bill and Kristi Bradbury are sent to take over the Work. Paul and Debbie go to the Philippines to work with Paul's parents who are missionaries.

• Mission and Training Team is sent out to Annandale, VA  

• "The Believers' Prayer Letter" is begun


• **Dan Notti finally acknowledges that David is beating Judy and talks to David about it.


• East Coast Conference, Tim Geftakys speaking


• Jim and Brinda M., Gerald and Marilyn M., the Middletons and many others leave the Tuscola Assembly. The Houks and other Oakland saints remain, except for the Fredericks who leave at this time.


• Wayne and Pat (Miller) Mathews replace Bill and Kristi Bradbury in Champaign, who return to California to head up the Work in West LA. Charlie and Sheryl Mather replace the Mathews in Norfolk, NE.

• West LA begins breaking bread as an Assembly under the leadership of Bill and Kristi Bradbury, Greg Brislawn Mark Geiger and Selvin Sotello.

• July - MTT team sent to San Diego

• Steve Irons accompanies George to Africa, comes back very discouraged. George excommunicates Lee I. because of his Calvinistic beliefs.

• The Maddux family leaves the Fullerton Assembly


• February - East Coast Conference: "Christ in You, the Hope of Glory"

• March 4 - Irons family leaves the Fullerton Assembly

• The Houks leave the Tuscola Assembly, and then all the other Oakland saints leave. They begin gathering for worship on their own in Oakland.

• **David is still drinking.

• Around this time Tim Geftakys begins teaching the heresy that "contrary to some Christian beliefs", God did not become a man. God always existed and couldn't change to become anything or anyone. Therefore, it was his and George’s view that God did NOT become a man. He enlarged on this to say that Christ never sweat, choked, got dust in his eyes, burped, etc. He wasn't actually human, but superhuman.


• Fullerton Assembly moves to the Palm industrial park facility

• MTT team to Seattle


• May - Mid-West Seminar: "The Preciousness of Faith"

• Brian Steele has the distinction of being the "First Saint Deprogrammed From the Assembly". Rick Ross is the deprogrammer. Rick calls Steve & Margaret Irons and has them talk to Brian as well.


• Teen Teams are begun, to help stem the tide of teen rebellion among the second generation

• August - First children's camp in the Midwest for the Workers Seminar

• **David gives Judy a black eye in a beating.


• **The SLO Leading Brothers send David a letter of mild reprimand and warning for hitting Judy.

• MTT team sent to Sacramento


• Bob and Sherrie S. commended to the Work in San Diego

• George's Summer School in Fullerton is on the Book of Romans.

• Outreach begins to Lombard, IL.

• MTT team sent to Madison, WI. Gary Mau and family sent from the Chicago Assembly to the outreach in Madison.


• January: South Coast Campus Conference, Tim G. speaker; North Coast Campus Conference, Jim Hayman speaker.

• Randy Spivey commended to the Work in Annandale, VA

• Don and Lee Mader are sent from Fullerton to Lombard.

• Midwest Seminar - "The Pattern of the Original"

• MTT team goes again to Madison, WI.


• January: South Coast Campus Conference, Tim G. speaker; North Coast Campus Conference, Jim Hayman speaker.

• February: Two Fugate "Family Building" seminars, "Biblical Marriage" and "Biblical Child Training"

• **David Geftakys beats his eldest daughter Rachel, causing permanent injury. She obtains a restraining order against him (large PDF file).

• First tent campaign in Springfield.

• MTT team led by Rod Zach is sent to Lombard, IL.

• Mark and Connie Lovik are sent from Chicago to Lombard

• Second MTT team is sent to Riverside, CA., headed by Bill and Kristi Bradbury

• First ETT (Evangelistic Training Team) of single college students and teens, led by Danny and Kimber Edwards, goes to Hastings, NE. and Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

• Spring - Assembly begins in Madison, WI.

• Art and Annie Farlow visit San Cristobal, Venezuela, to minister and preach the Gospel.


• January: South Coast Campus Conference, Tim G. speaker; North Coast Campus Conference, Jim Hayman speaker.

• July - Sacramento Assembly begins

• MTT team is sent to St. Louis

• Santa Barbara cable TV begins airing a 26-week series of Assembly brothers preaching on the theme, "Passages of Faith"

• Several of GG's publications are made available in translations


• **Judy G. tells Tim and Ginger Geftakys about David's domestic violence; they go to George. George asks Dan Notti to meet with David and Judy to resolve "difficulties". After 6 months of no progress, Dan strongly advises George to remove them from San Luis Obispo.

• March - Riverside, CA, Assembly begins.

• March - first Nebraska Conference, Mike Zach and Jim Hayman speaking.

• Two new Assemblies begin in Kenya - Nyaru and Kesses.

• Saints in Santa Barbara are being aired for the month of September on a weekly one-hour cable TV program addressing theme "Life's Great Questions" with street interviews and call-in questions by viewers.

• April - The new Assembly in Paris hosts a weekend Convocation for saints from England, Holland & Spain. Tim Geftakys bring the ministry.

• Simultaneously, Otukpo, Nigeria hosts their Spring Conference, with reportedly over 50 Nigerian Assemblies coming. Samuel Ochenjele, James Ogebe and Daniel Ochekpo are the main speakers.

• June/July - the first(?) teen team launched in Fullerton in connection with G. Geftakys' Summer School

• November - three-day conference in Kesses, Kenya.

• December - the Fullerton Assembly sends rice and beans to victims of Hurricane Mitch in Honduras


• June/July - Teen Team in Fullerton, G. Geftakys' Summer School

• MTT team to San Jose, CA

• First summer/fall with no tent campaign in Fullerton?

• October - Midwest Campus Conference, Tim Geftakys and Jim Hayman speaking

• **September - Mike and Cheryl Zach stay in David and Judy G's home for a month to help resolve the situation

• September - Assembly begins in Bandung, Indonesia

• Nigeria and Kenya Conferences, G. Geftakys speaking


• **June - Brent and Suzie T. leave the SLO Assembly over David G's behavior and GG's failure to discipline him

• Paul and Debbie Hohulin leave the Geftakys ministry, and go to the Philippines to work with Paul's parents, who are missionaries.

• June - Conference in N____, Kenya, visiting speakers.

• June/July - Teen Team & G. Geftakys' Summer School

• July - Santa Barbara Tent Meetings

• July - MTT teams to France, England, Bloomington IL, Fresno, San Jose, Seattle

• **September - • Judy G. leaves David.

• **November - David is removed from Assembly leadership


• **Over 40 people leave the San Luis Obispo Assembly over David Geftakys' domestic violence. Brent T. posts on about the Assembly. Kirk C. resigns from leadership in the SLO Assembly.

• Betty Geftakys holds couples' retreats in Nebraska, Fullerton, San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles.

• Summer MTT teams go to England, Holland, Spain, Mexico, Nigeria (medical team), as well as San Diego, Seattle, Fresno, and Bloomington, IL.

• GG held meetings in Hungary

• February - East Coast Conference (Tim G. speaking?)

• February - Betty Geftakys conducts weekend retreats in Nebraska, Fullerton and San Fernando Valley

• February - Santa Barbara cable TV broadcasts 26-week series on "Passages of Faith: Signs of the Times" featuring saints in the Santa Barbara Assembly

• **Spring - Danny and Kimber Edwards are sent to SLO. Brent T. discusses issues with Danny in July

• March - Southern California Missionary Convocation, Single Sisters Retreat in Santa Barbara/SLO, Tim & Ginger G. speaking

• March - Nebraska Conference, Mike Zach & Jim Hayman speaking

• March - Single Sisters Retreat in Santa Barbara/SLO, Tim & Ginger G. speaking

• March - Betty Geftakys conducts Couples Retreat in West Los Angeles, and a weekend for high school and college sisters in Fullerton and Placentia

• May - Midwest Seminar; Southwest Conference; Northwest Conference

• June - Teen Team, 140 teens & counselors, and G. Geftakys' Summer School

• Summer - MTT teams to Holland, Spain, France, England, Cuernavaca, San Diego, Fresno, Seattle and Bloomington IL.

• **July - Hector P. writes a letter to the Fullerton Leading Brothers detailing their failure to protect Judy Geftakys. Mark Miller and Dan Notti discuss it with George. Mark and Dan confront Betty with her failure to inform George of the extent of David's domestic violence.

• September - Midwest Campus Conference in Iowa, Jim Hayman & Danny Edwards speaking

• October - Pacific Northwest Conference in Oregon, Tim G. speaking

• October - Couples Workshop in Ottawa, Mike & Cheryl Zach speaking.

• December 23 - Southern California Convocation of Assemblies


• Nebraska Conference, Mike Zach and Danny Edwards speaking

• **April - Brent T. posts information on the Assembly on the site, and is excommunicated from the SLO Assembly

• June/July - Teen Team and G. Geftakys' Summer School

• At the Workers Seminar George introdouces the heresy that Adam was created on the seventh day.

• **September - David G. is reinstated to the Lord's supper and is again allowed to preach and teach.

• **November - Brent T. begins this website with the publication of Rachel G.'s story to expose George and Betty's cover-up of David Geftakys' domestic violence and Rachel's restraining order against David.


• January 16 - the elders in Fullerton learn of George's immoral relations with a young woman in fellowship; further revelations of immorality follow quickly.

•  **January 19 - the Leading Brothers of the Fullerton Assembly excommunicate George Geftakys for his failure to deal with his son's domestic violence, and for his own immoral relationships with women in the Assemblies over the years. Brent announces reconciliation with the SLO brethren, on the condition that he remove offensive articles from the website.

• March - the Irons' take over this website to shape it into a means for recovery from the spiritual abuse and betrayal of G. Geftakys and the Assembly cult system.

Anybody remember when....?

First Gospel March?
First ANOP?
First Children's Hour?
New Song began?
First Summer School? Was the first one at CSUF?
First Seminar at CSUF?
Tracts published - titles? authors? when?
First Torch and Testimony?
First T & T in Spanish?
First book published? How many books were published? titles?
When was Hymn and Spiritual Songs published?
First Memorial Day "All Saints Day" (later became "Ebenezer Fellowships")
First East Coast Conference? West Coast Conference? Speakers?
First Midwest Seminar?
"Holy Convocations" with Bakht Singh?
First Teen Conference?

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