The Former Geftakys Assembly in West Los Angeles

An MTT team was sent to West Los Angeles for the summer Olympics in 1984. In 1989 Bill and Kristi Bradbury were sent back there from Champaign, and West L. A. began breaking bread as an Assembly in 1991. The leaders appointed by G. Geftakys were Bill Bradbury, Greg Brislawn, Mark Geiger and Selvin Sotelo.

The group continues to meet on Sunday and Tuesday. They welcomed visits by George Geftakys until the summer of 2004. In November, 2004, women from West L. A. attended a bridal shower held by the Pasadena Assembly, at which Betty Geftakys was an honored guest. Group members are reported to have attended George's San Francisco seminar in May, 2005. A Teen Team was planned for the summer of 2005.

In February, 2006, under Mike Almanzor's influence, West L. A. invited George to come visit, " that the saints could confront him and he would have opportunities to repent." He sat in back and was not allowed to speak, but did partake in the Lord's table. It would seem that West L. A. leaders do not take George's moral failure seriously.

Apparently this decision to invite George back was made during a closed door "Leading Brothers" meeting, without consulting with or informing the rest of the saints. Several families were offended by this and subsequently migrated to the Placentia Assembly.

Someone commented, "It caught my attention that the West LA leadership made their decision in secret, behind closed doors. If they have nothing to hide, why do they hide? George discipled them effectively. They are acting just like him!"

Mark Campbell had a response to this information. Brent T. also commented:

The reason this is happening is because the ex-leaders, with a few notable exceptions, have not stood up and exercised 2 Cor 7 style repentance. Their lack of vehemence, zeal and clarity has allowed time for George to be rehabilitated, and for history to be repeated.

July 15, 2008  West Los Angeles had a Teen Team, July 25 - August 4. The teens went through Mabel Williamson's book, Have We No Rights? Reader's comment: "Have We No Rights? I remember that book! As I recall it was for missionaries who were apt to complain about their hardships. Basically it said, "NO COMPLAINING!" Gee, I wonder why the teens need to read this?"