The Geftakys Assembly in Riverside

In the summer of 1996 an MTT team was sent to Riverside, CA, headed by Bill and Kristi Bradbury from the West Los Angeles Assembly. The Riverside Assembly began in March, 1998 with Mike Almanzor as the Leading Brother. Aaron Rizzo and Jeremy Zimmerman later became a Leading Brothers.

It is unknown whether the letter of GG's excommunication from Fullerton was read to the group. Most likely not, as it seems that continuing groups do not want to mention their shameful past. Mike and his family and a few individuals continue to meet in their home. The group is probably no longer called an "Assembly" but retains many Assembly characteristics. They are recruiting on local college campuses and inviting students to a weekly Bible study in the Almanzor home. The study, to the best of our knowledge, was taught by George Geftakys until the spring of 2007, when there was a falling out with him and he was no longer allowed lead the Bible study or give "stated ministry" on Sunday afternoons. George left the group, taking about half the people with him to start something new in his home at Plymouth Village, Redlands.