The Assembly in St. Louis, Missouri

Leaders over the years were Jerry Robinson, Ken Teater, Dennis Patrick, David Geftakys, Dan Notti, Paul Martin, Bob Starr, Joe Dearman, Rudy Dodorico

In the Fall of 1972 the Geftakys outreach began in St. Louis/St. Charles, Missouri, through students at Logan College of Chiropractic, including Larry A., Bob B. and Ken Teater. Diane Anderson recounts the beginnings.

Gay (Gilliam) reports:

Dan Notti was teaching the Bible Study on the University of Missouri St. Louis campus when I started college there in the fall of 1976. Dennis and Linda Patrick were sent out from Fullerton in 1977 and moved into the House of Hope. It was a brothers house at the time. It became a sisters house in 1978. 1977 Dennis P. led a Gospel March on the UMSL campus.

In 1978 Jerry Robinson became a Worker. In 1979 Paul and Debbie Martin went to Iceland to start a Work there. Dennis and Linda Patrick moved back to California. David and Judy Geftakys came to St Louis. In 1980 Ken Teater and Nancy Robinson married. They moved into the living quarters above Ken's chiropractic office in St. Charles.

Nancy Teater died in March, 2009, after a long battle with chronic pain. Dan Buss was taken to glory in 2007. He left some last words.

Quite a lot was posted on the Assemblyboard by and about various St. Louis Assembly folks following George Geftakys' excommunication from Fullerton in January 2003. Frank submitted the story of his experience as a single man in St. Louis in 1975. In 2004 Joe D. wrote about his involvement in the pro-life issue after the Assembly.