Former Assembly Locations, Leaders and Outreaches

Long, long ago, in a land not far away, a young couple fell under the influence of a charismatic Greek who came from the Plymouth Brethren. He persuaded them that he was an anointed servant of the Lord with a unique Heavenly vision of what the church ought to be.

If the internet had been born, and church leaders in George Geftakys' former life had posted what they knew about him, the young couple could have been warned what he was up to. But it hadn't and they weren't, and you can read how it turned out for them on the About page.

In retrospect, they wish they had known more about the Plymouth Brethren, too, and been forewarned by the example of J. N. Darby that schism and harshness might be carried to an extreme to preserve the system of 'a simple gathering of Christians'.

Forwarding to the present, the older and wiser couple has determined to help others make better-informed decisions. To that end, they publish all that is known about groups and leaders that have had any connection with the Geftakys ministry. They do not support information control.

This list of Assembly locations and leaders traces the influence of the Geftakys ministry in groups that, at some point in their history, implemented to some degree G. Geftakys's "heavenly vision", either as a recognized Assembly, or by having "chapter summary" Bible studies, tape ministry from Fullerton, campus outreaches, or ministry by George or someone influenced by his ministry.

Existing groups and current leaders (to the best of our knowledge) are marked with an asterisk - *. It must be noted that many former leaders and groups avoid disclosing their past association with the Geftakys ministry. This is not a good sign. A former Assembly member suggests questions to determine whether a group or a former member is still entangled in cultish or performance-based Assembly thinking. A former member of the Seattle Assembly identifies some of the issues.



Geftakys Assembly Arcata

Bruce Brady, Greg Fortezzo

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Fresno

Geftakys Assembly Fullerton*

George Geftakys (elder), Steve Irons (elder), Tom Maddux, Al Hartman, Mark Miller (elder), Timothy Geftakys (elder), Dan Notti, Dennis Patrick, Jim Hayman, Rod Zach, Albert Viramontes, Eric Farien (elder), Gary Halverson, Danny Davisson, Angel Galan, Bob Ressegue*, Keith Walker, Brad Federman*

Geftakys Assembly Huntington Beach

Earl Somerville, John Hinman, Bob Anderson, Chris Sapia, Randy Sutton

Geftakys Assembly Pasadena*

Jim McAllister*

Geftakys Assembly Placentia (became Placentia Christian Fellowship)

Joe Bush*, Jack Hanson*, Kurt Byword, Tom Summerford, Sterling Bennett*, Ron Womack*, Chris Sapia*

Geftakys Assembly Riverside

Mike Almanzor*, Jeremy Zimmerman*, Aaron Russo*

Geftakys Assembly Sacramento*

Carlos Deleon*, Dan Mattson-Bose, Carradog Anderton*

Geftakys Assembly San Diego*

Perry Minamide, Bob Starr

Geftakys Assembly San Fernando Valley / Northridge

Tom Maddux, Al Hartman, Mark Campbell, Tim McCarthy, Andrew Gunther, Mitch Schuster

Geftakys Assembly San Francisco / Daly City

*Scott Testa*, Jim Karditzas*

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, San Jose

San Luis Obispo ("SLO")*

David Geftakys, Kirk C., Jeff Lemkuhl*, Roberto Sanchez, Danny Edwards

Geftakys Assembly Santa Barbara / Goleta*

Wes Cohen, Mike Struven, Randy Sutton*, Randy Verhoeff*

Geftakys Assembly West Los Angeles* ("WLA")

Greg Brislawn*, Bill Bradbury*, Selvin Sotello*, Mark Geiger*


Geftakys Assembly Altona / Galesburg

Howard Magnuson, Roger Brown


Geftakys Assembly Champaign

Kurt Green, Wayne Mathews, Bill Bradbury, Paul Hohulin, Steve Mbuvi, Tom Lessaris

Geftakys Assembly Charleston*

Bob Tucker*, Pat Schout, Art Farlow*

Geftakys Assembly Chicago (Oak Park)*

Roger Grant*, Ken Ludwig, Mark Lovik*, Gene Reisinger*

Geftakys Assembly Lombard*

Don Mader*

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Oakland*

Mike Hauk*, Chris Miller*

Geftakys Assembly Springfield

Mike Oldani, Bill Dey

Geftakys Assembly Tuscola

Fred Boyer, Gerald Mathias, Jim McCumber, Cecil Smith, Bob Middleton


Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Atlantic City


Geftakys Ministry Outreach, St. Paul


Geftakys Assembly St. Louis

Jerry Robinson, Ken Teater, Larry Anderson, Paul Martin, Ray Dienzo, Gus Doderico


Geftakys Assembly Hastings

Dave Zach, Mark Millard

Geftakys Assembly Lincoln

Geftakys Assembly Norfolk

Geftakys Assembly Omaha

Mike Zach, Mark Sjogren, Jon LeGrand, Mike Ward, Bill Hines


Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Salem

Rhode Island

Geftakys Assembly Providence

Bob Anderson, Randy Spivey

South Dakota

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Sioux Falls


Geftakys Assembly Annandale*

Ray Kruze*, Steve Taylor*, Dave Zorn


Geftakys Assembly Seattle

Mike Glesener, Russ Pittman

Geftakys Assembly Spokane

Mike Duwelling


Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Delafield

Gary Vose

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Madison

Gary Mau, Gary Vose, Dan McCarthy

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Eau Claire

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Osco

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, New Richmond



Geftakys Assembly Calgary

Bernie Cossette

Geftakys Assembly Estevan

Ronan Cossette

Geftakys Assembly Ottawa

Armand Cossette, Dina Dinakaren


Geftakys Assembly Beijing

Ing Ling Chen*

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Changsha

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Nanchung

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Hong Kong


Geftakys Assembly Oldham/Manchester*

Les Roberts*


Geftakys Assembly Le Vesinet*

Frantz Galland, Alphonse Radja-Rock

Geftakys Assembly Paris*

Paul Vaiss

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Strasbourg

Kathy Gloeckler

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Chatou*


Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Hohoe*


These pre-existing Greek churches were influenced but not controlled by G. Geftakys:

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Athens

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Katerini

Annual conferences in the Greek Evangelical Church of George Kantartzis



Geftakys Ministry Outreach

Bela Dobos


Geftakys Assembly Reykjavik

Paul Martin, Helgi Hannesson


Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Bandung*


So far as is known, these groups were influenced by not controlled by G. Geftakys:

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Eldoret

Edward Limo, Kathy Gloeckler, Peter

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Kesses

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Nyaru



Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Cuernavaca*

Marcos and Marta Deleon

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Tequesquitengo


Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Middleburg*

Simon De Visser*

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Wageningen


Geftakys Assembly Otukpo & villages*

Samuel Ochenjele*

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Makurdi*

Justice James Ogebe

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Kakuri


Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Lima


 Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Manila / Cason City

South Korea

Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Seoul


Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Olesa, Abrera, Cobrera

Adrian Kooiman, whose pre-existing ministry was influenced but not controlled by G. Geftakys, so far as is known.


Geftakys Ministry Outreach, Korogwe


Geftakys Ministry Outreach, San Cristobal

Art farlow

South Wales

Geftakys Ministry Outreach?

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