The San Francisco / Daly City Assembly

Leading Brothers are Scott Testa and Jim Karditzas

George's 2003 letter of excommunication hasn't been read here. Scott asserts that the women who accused George of immoral behavior were lying; that they were as guilty as he was before the Lord; that things were not handled spiritually because there needs to be 2 or 3 witnesses to the actual act in order for there to be an accusation. "Kristin", whose account of her sexual victimization by George was instrumental in his excommunication from the Fullerton Assembly, wrote a letter to Scott and Jim in May, 2003, expressing her concern for the safety of women in the San Francisco group.

George was invited to hold a weekend conference in SF weeks after his excommunication. It's reported that he held a seminar here in May, 2005, attended by folks from the former Sacramento and Pasadena Geftakys Assemblies, and Jeff Lemkuhl from San Luis Obispo. After this conference Jeff wrote a letter repenting of his agreement to the dissolution of the SLO Assembly, and announcing that he was beginning worship again in his home.

Scott and Jim both lived in George Geftakys' home and were personally trained by him and Betty. The members, as in the other existing gatherings, are earnest and sincere, but uninformed because the leaders have forbidden them to read this site or talk to people who have left.

The former Assembly in Sacramento, led by carlos De Leon, is under Scott's and Jim's leadership.