The Sacramento Assembly

The MTT team was sent to Sacramento in 1994. The Sacramento Assembly began breaking bread in July, 1997. Leading Brothers have been Carlos DeLeon, Dan Matson-Bose and Caradog Anderton, who reported to Scott Testa in the San Francisco Assembly. In 2003 George's excommunication letter was read in Sacramento in a special meeting where brethren were permitted feedback. Publicly, the leadership gave the impression that they were through with the Geftakys regime, but privately they were meeting and talking to Pasadena, San Francisco, and Riverside, with the result that all four Assemblies remained loyal to George. It is reported that the Sacramento group attended George's seminar in San Francisco in May, 2005. A former member of the Sacramento recounted her experience and assessment in an article on the Cult Education Institute website.

After the demise of the Assembly in 2003 the Sacramento group still looked to Scott, and to Jim McAllister, who leads the surviving Pasadena group. By early 2008 Sacramento had severed ties with George. Dan and Linda Mattson-Bose left the group around 2009. The group continues to maintain connections with the groups in San Francisco and Riverside. They do activities and events together, such as camping trips and weddings.

The Sacramento group is still in existence as of 2022. It is unlikely that they still identify themselves in any way with their Geftakys history. They may have taken another name, as the Placentia group did, until they disbanded. Although they claim to have changed, it is reported that "they are still the same and nothing has changed." Little is known directly about how continuing Assemblies are actually operating, other than a very brief mention by a person who joined one of them in 2005 and left a year and a half later after a "very rough experience".

This group is actively reaching out to the community in an effort to bring in new members, with campus Bible studies, maybe still called "Studies in the Old and New Testament", at Sacramento City College, American River College and Cal State Sacramento. As of 2009 the campus outreaches was still using "The Four Anchors" method of recruitment. A former member of the Sacramento Assembly wrote an horrific account of how her rape by strangers was handled. The attitudes and actions of the leaders are characteristic of most of the Assemblies. To our knowledge, Leading Brothers have never acknowledged error and abuse in their handling of this situation.

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