The Geftakys Assembly in San Luis Obispo (known as SLO)

Leading Brothers: David Geftakys, Keith Walker, Jeff Lehmkuhl, Danny Edwards, Kirk Cesaretti, Roberto Sanchez, Ray Dienzo, Greg Holder

The San Luis Obispo Geftakys Assembly was the epicenter of the revelations that resulted in the demise of the Geftakys Assembly ministry. The full account is told in "Final Weeks".

An extensive history of David Geftakys' behavior in San Luis Obispo was written by Kirk C. to Danny Edwards in August, 2001 at Danny's request. Here is the introductory paragraph:

San Luis Obispo started breaking bread in June of '83 [after a Mission and Training Team had come]. This was nine months after Keith Walker and Jeff Lehmkuhl came here from Fullerton.

They came preaching the gospel and praying and in this brief period a core group of about a dozen believers had been raised up by the grace of God to stand together and worship the Lord Jesus. The speedy work that God did here was a testimony of the power of God.

The following two years were a testament to God’s movement. At the end of this time there were two sisters’ houses and two brothers’ houses (one with seven young brothers, another with six) and many dear believers wanting to see His witness increase and God’s salvation known. It was wondrous in our eyes and the Lord was glorified.

In 1985 Keith and Gay were called back to Fullerton, and David and Judy Geftakys were sent to be full time Workers in SLO.

Brent T. observes :

The first message David shares is about Abraham, and how he ruled his house well. His second message is from Malachi, and had to do with robbing God by withholding tithes and offerings. David begins to undo almost everything Keith did and begins to show his authoritarian side almost immediately.

Although David was not considered "full time in the Work," immediately upon coming to SLO, he personally handled the "Lord's treasury," and got his livelihood from it. He told me, after preaching his second message, that the contributions the next Sunday were just over a thousand dollars. The Assembly was small, and mostly college students at the time.

David Geftakys's behavior was so disturbing that many eventually left the Assembly. Brent attempted to entreat the Leading Brothers to deal with him, to no avail. He and his family left the Assembly in 2000.

In 2001 Brent began publishing information about the situation in SLO on the Rick Ross website and on MacGregor Ministries. In 2002 he was excommunicated by the Assembly. He launched this site in November to publicly expose the facts. As a result, on January 18, 2003 the San Luis Obispo Assembly wrote a letter reconciling with Brent and repudiating George Geftakys, who was publicly excommunicated the next day in the Fullerton Assembly. On January 5 Ray Dienzo stepped down as a Leading Brother in SLO. Soon after the SLO Assembly disbanded.

In March 2004 Brent posted on the Assemblyboard that Jeff Lehmkuhl attended a seminar hosted by the San Francisco Assembly, and subsequently wrote a letter repenting of reading this site, and announcing resumption of Assembly worship in his home.

In November, 2015, the Placentia Christian Fellowship (formerly the Geftakys Assembly in Placentia) included San Luis Obispo in their Prayer Bulletin as one of the "communties" they pray for, indicating that Jeff and Nancy Lehmkuhl are continuing to lead a gathering there. We have had correspondence confirming that they are actively recruiting students, and are having students live in their home for training.

Jeff Lehmkuhl initially renounced the George Geftakys and the Assembly ministry, then recanted in 2004 with a public letter on the Assemblyboard. Since then he and Nancy have been  hosting a Sunday meeting in their home and reviving the Assembly pattern in San Luis Obispo. They recruit students from Cal Poly and from the high school where Jeff teaches auto shop. You can read and join the discussion about Jeff on 'The Geftakys Assembly' Facebook page, beginning on January 27, 2016.

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