The Geftakys Assembly Ministry: The Story

World mapThree main articles record the development of the Assemblies. The Geftakys Assemblies - an Overview briefly outlines how the Assemblies grew from a few meetings in George and Betty Geftakys' home in Fullerton to an almost-worldwide network of Assemblies under "The Work". The Irons's History of the Geftakys Assembly Ministry goes into more detail about how George Geftakys gained such a following. The History of the Midwest and Tuscola is the in-depth story of a key element in Assembly history.

Although "The Work" and most of the Geftakys Assemblies disbanded after January 2003, when George was excommunicated, Assembly history is not over yet.

  • George Geftakys died in August, 2014, but there are a number of former Geftakys groups still carrying on.
  • Former leaders and members are dispersing into evangelical churches, or even beginning independent home churches themselves.
  • The Casa de Sion saga continues, with Marcos and Marta Velasco determined to retain ownership of the property for a future ministry of their own The major former Assembly contributors all want the property to be sold and the money returned. They do not want their contributions to remain as the foundation for a ministry headed up by a couple whose only training was under the Geftakys ministry. As of 2015, the Velasco's have not returned any funds.

A list of Assembly locations and outreaches over the 33 years of the Assembly has imbedded links to individual pages on some Assemblies. There may be unintentional omissions, particularly of outreaches begun post-1990.

The Assembly Timeline came to birth in response to Dave Mauldin's request for a list of major events to be included in his CSUF oral history project on the Assembly. The timeline has imbedded links to pages on some of the individual Assemblies.

Photos! Seminar Photos and miscellaneous Assembly Pix. Contributions would be more than welcome.

When Steve Irons was a Leading Brother he prepared a detailed prayer list in preparation for each All Night of Prayer. The list for the December 1989 ANOP focused on the Assemblies in the US and Canada. It really drills down and shows the scope and extent of the Work and the Assemblies as they existed not long before the Irons left in March, 1990.

Calculating three seminars a year every year in Fullerton for thirty two years, plus one Midwest seminar every year for perhaps twenty years, G. Geftakys gave over one hundred seminars, each on a different theme, but all riding familiar hobby horses of Plymouth Brethren doctrine cloaked as his own special "heavenly vision". In some seminars he presented long sections from PB writers, without citing attributions--i.e. plagiarizing. Here is a partial list of seminars, with a page for  comments.

So far the history of the Work is a small collection of memories. David Kirby has written an account of how the House of Christian Love became a growing center for Bible teaching and how it was taken over by George Geftakys.

A few "Letters from Abroad" have been gleaned from "The Believers' Prayer Letters", expressing gratitude to GG for his ministry and giving updates on the Work in their locations.

Assembly publications  A list of types of publications in the Work, and a list of Torch and Testimony publications in translation, documents the lingering influence of the Geftakys ministry in print in the USA and around the world.

The archived Assembly bulletin board is a record of events beginning in 2002 and subsequently for several years. Simultaneously, folks began contributing information on the Geftakys Assembly page of the Rick Ross Cult Information Forum.

Nancy N. wrote a paper on the "Jesus Movement", which was the cultural context of the beginning of the Geftakys Assembly.

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